Geet reveals about her pregnancy Maan is going to Mumbai Khuranas to Have a New Member Maan is Geet’s boss again Maan carries Geet in his arms Geet and Maan alone in the dark Geet fasts for Maan Dev Receives a Call

Beeji gets angry at Dev and Maan Brij tries to burn Geet alive Dev’s concern towards Geet Geet tries to escape Maan furious at Vikram’s act Security Tightened at the House Maan tries to forget Geet

Anvesha Meets with an Accident Geet loses Maan’s file Lucky and Jugnu plan to go to a dhaba but Jugnu doesn’t want Lucky to call Preeto.

Dev’s Secret Marriage Planned Dev takes Nandini out Dev professes his love to Geet Adi leaves for Amritsar Maan is Geet’s boss again Maan tends to Geet Geet takes Dev to a dhaba Dadimaa comes to visit Maan Geet plans to celebrate Holi Dadima punishes Maan and Geet Dev’s Car Breaks Down Maan takes rest at home Episode: On the Dance Floor Confusion Among the Couples Maan and Geet hug Maan refuses to listen Maan and Geet impress all Geet is married to Dev Geet and Maan argue Geet and Maan enjoy at the resort Vikram Enters Khurana Residence Maan takes Geet for a movie Maan calls the police Preeto wants Lucky to impress her but when he doesn’t succeed in doing so, she gets angry again.


Geet tries to talk to Maan Dev and Lucky Get Drunk Geet says NO to Canada Maan returns to Delhi with Dev Geet proposes, Maan disposes You are most welcome to update, correct or add information to this page.

Pammi confides in Geet Dadimaa asks Maan to get Dev back Geet Gets Angry at Maan Maan says he has selected a girl Geet tries to escape Dev Tries to Contact Maan Security Tightened at the House

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