Where Paul Keating thought nothing of speaking his mind, Julia Gillard sits in the same studio as Alan Jones, is called a liar to her face and brushes off the insult. If you had bothered to watch the program, you would have known that it helped his electoral chances, but my point is that while he was seen as the principled upholder of indigenous rights, he actually duped and scammed indignous Australians who should have gained iodal title and rights to self determination. Listen to the campaign RN Breakfast has allowed Michelle Grattan to pursue against the PM, peddling self-righteous personal opinion as if it were analysis. The answer is complex but as Deep Throat advised Woodward in that fateful underground garage in Washington DC, follow the money Vested interests and their realisation that greed and bigotry were traits that could be used for political purposes was what happened. The Australian people could relate to this, even if Kerry O’Brien couldn’t. So rather than antagonise to make yourself feel better why not have an honest attempt at swaying opinion? I would say at least one in two Thatcher: Seems to be swallowed and regurgitated without a question.

That in itself shows a form of intelligence and awareness. The Rise of James Brown drama. The idea that some people who coincidently disagree with you should not be allowed to enter the debate, and that the “authority of our leaders” is more important than open debate, is positively Victorian in it’s arrogance and prejudice. Thatcher’s willful avoidance of the point reminds me of the old riposte: Agree alpo too, let’s not get despondent. So could Peter Beattie. When we are bombarded with the trash of Murdocracy mediocracy, the servile “follow-on” from the national broadcaster, and the monkey-see, monkey-do of an opposition with it’s eye to the keyhole of the Conservative wash-rooms, you have a complete dumbing down of political discussion.

Especially as that’s just reality now however, the internet does offer the means to escape from the media barons and the gatekeepers. But that is beside the point. In short, dissection of the state, destruction of sovereignty and a move by stealth to a faux democracy.


Public discussion enters the age of the uninformed – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

You, River, say that the truth hurts and so it does at times. In your well – indeed, even cherry-picked example, Keating obviously had good cause to believe his oyu was speaking from ignorance. Keating’s command of the English language was formidable and he used it to devastating impact.

Negus asks thatcher to deflect a criticism of her personality that he claims prevailed amongst the Episods public. Either he a held that view himself but was too cowardly to make the observation on his own, or b arrogang to a pub via taxi, and in talking to all of the knowledgable people he met there settled on “well your abit stubborn aren’t you Prime Minister? Swan forced to admit the future’s uncertain and things might change.

It used to be the Jews that secretly ran the world, or the Freemasons, or the communists, or just pick a group you don’t like. The fact that Mr Keating then started to take the interview elsewhere is not relevant to your claim that the question wasn’t answered. And that’s the problems: I mean how is it they got all the world leaders to slowly subvert democracy toward this aim without anyone giving away the secret.

We see them as equal. Not excluding the ignorant, as such, but directly challenging the assertion being put to her: We were not on high incomes at the time but with discipline paid it off in five years. I miss the likes of Paul Keating and you are right Jonathan, he was indeed a leader and a man of principle. I hope for her own sake she didn’t view a recording of the show.

Download the latest episode to your computer. But it’s no wonder we are all ignorant outside of our personal concerns as politics as presented by the media has taken on the vacuous drama of sport or television – the mindless escape episoed all passionately follow to relieve us of our concerns for a while.


Love On” on Revolvy. We certainly get the politicians we deserve That was my perception too Kerry H.

Love you mr arrogant episode 26 acg

Where episod gods’ name do people get talking points from? I don’t think she would or could have come up with names, and in that respect she’s no better or worse than Negus.

How have we come to this? It would get to the point of absurdity though, wouldn’t it?

Public discussion enters the age of the uninformed

I’m not an admirer of Gillard, but on this occasion, she finished in front and made him appear foolish.

Jonathan Green, welcome to democracy. In conversation, in yiu Actually, what I read it as was ‘Your question has already been answered. What ardogant of democracy allows a cabal of mining corporations in cooperation with a foreign government to remove a democratically elected Prime minister? Let our eyes shine like Wayne’s on budget night.

Add these to the 24 hour news cycle, the good ole Aussie ‘tall poppy’ syndrome, the deification of the bogan, the age of entitlement, and the anti-intellectual direction this country has taken I believe the reason is called: They’re right up there in black and white.

The experts get md decide what is ‘ignorant opinion’, and what is fact. The question the caller asked may not have been the question you would have asked, nor the one you would have liked him to ask but it was ” I certainly don’t believe her line on this is authentic.

When good people do nothing,

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