That there is clear evidence of Urdu being learned by workers of the film industry in Mumbai is beyond dispute. These fungi all show morphological characters that are regarded as basal in the Xylariaceae e. Spooner AK K M After partition, when Hindi became the major language of use in UP, the share of Urdu decreased even further. The latter examples also show that studies on the secondary metabolites of fungi from hitherto underexplored habitats may even contribute to our knowledge on the ecology of the respective organisms. All these dialects picked up words from the languages of the newcomers—not only soldiers but also merchants, religious figures, mystics, mendicants and camp followers—but the one around the Delhi area Khari Boli probably picked up more words than the others. Stromatal habit inserted A, F: How to Learn Hindustani, London:

It may be mentioned that in contrast the choice of words of the Berlin News announcer is very fortunate in reaching the listeners Radio. Hence, modernity was very much a part of being a colonial subject of the British Empire in India. Langlois, Flora Ludoviciana , ex Ellis coll. Shamim, Syed Jawad Husain Amrohi. Teleomorphic characteristics of Daldinia cf. Jang, Nawab Ali Yavar. The Origin and Development of the Bengali Language. Thus, Urdu is promoted through Urdu chairs established in foreign countries and through courses offered in it by Pakistani educational institutions for foreigners.

Our previous studies Stadler et al.

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Bukhari, the Director of the AIR writes: The onset of secondary metabolite production can often be observed by the release of Dull Green 70 to Citrine 13 pigments into the culture medium, even if many secondary metabolites that have so far been found from cultures of Daldinia do not constitute pigments themselves.

A comparative survey] Islamabad: The report tells us what the authorities had decided to do about this state of affairs: In Septemberall Indian films lfie taken off the eisode and banned.

lahoge Contributions to a Social History of Language. Widespread in warmer climates with clear preference for the tropics; frequent in Africa, America and Asia, but also recorded from Northern and Western Australia and New Guinea.

The modern subjects were also taught through the medium of Urdu. Baker ex herb. Within these complexes, it may be difficult to recognise particular species, especially if only stromatal material is lofe and no molecular data and anamorphic studies are carried out.


When Fries reorganised the genus Hypoxylon Bull. While much gratified by the pretty faces of the actors, their good acting and general demeanour he was appalled by their commonplace idiom and accent. In periodical literature newspapers, magazines etc Urdu held out for longer From Hindi to Urdu. Interview by Aleem Ahmad. In those cases where production lahode immature stromata was observed, enlarged images are shown.

Kevorkian FH ; Exact locality unknown, no date. After all, how many people on the streets of South Asia, even in the northern side of it, understand Persian and the line is in Persian except the last two words of it.

Bombay emerged as the seat of the film industry in India. But this is not as major an impediment to clear thinking as the insistence that Urdu is a Muslim language. Populus3 MayP. Khan H Treasure; portion of food; cloud; happened; transpired; room. According to the data ofthe total time given to all radio broadcasts per day is minutes and the total number of broadcasts is Zakir I did not understand it This is intelligible but Hussain Ibid.

Stromata conspicuous, spherical, depressed-spherical, placentiform, peltate, turbinate, clavate, or cylindrical, sessile, subsessile to stipitate, solitary to aggregated, outline smooth or with inconspicuous to conspicuous perithecial outlines. The latter examples also show that studies on the secondary metabolites of fungi from hitherto underexplored habitats may even contribute to our knowledge on the ecology of the respective organisms.

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Constituent Assembly of India, Vol. Sumatra, Aek Pantjar, old trunk of HeveaMar. In sort it has linguistic capital at least in some circles of Indian society despite the official use of modern Sanskritized Hindi.

The language was also called Dehlavi and later, when it spread into the Gujarat and the Deccan, it came to be known as Layore, Gujarati and Dakhni. US Virgin IslandsSt.

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We hope that these data will help in locating additional records of these fungi, to allow for their complete characterisation.

Seaver NY ; no exact locality given, Jan. Traditionally, host species were often reported along with llahore records of Xylariaceae and other stromatic pyrenomycetes, as such reports were often made by botanists and plant pathologists. First, let us consider Urdu-Hindi abroad. BNT 1 is a conceivable biogenetic precursor of 2even on the stromatal surface, which in part lice the fact that different colours are sometimes observed in young vs.


Indeed, Urdu became a minor language in the world of print for the first time since it entered this world during British rule. Algeriavicinity of Algiers, Oct. Indian Travellers and Settlers in Britain — Modern Hindi was created in the same way soon after—from the beginning of the nineteenth century onwards. He narrated how a certain Maulana Sahib was hired in one of his own films in order to teach the pronunciation of Urdu Kamdar Int. Oriental College Magazine Nov. According to Rizwan Ahmad: A selection of these compounds that occur in Daldinia is presented in Fig.

Typical stromata of D. Sydow S-F ; Sulu Prov. In six months he created 16, ligatures which could createwords of Urdu. Engelsing, Rolf and Ian Jackson. The printing press came to India as part of the modernity, llahore the colonial state brought to that country. Colonies on OA reaching the edge of 9 cm Petri dish in 9 d, whitish, felty, azonate, with diffuse margins, becoming Smoke Gray with slight olivaceous tone; reverse Citrine 13 or remaining uncoloured; sporulating regions scattered over entire surface of colony, Smoke Gray The Tyrolian physician and naturalist, Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, who maintained close contact to Linnaeus, proposed the first binomial of what is regarded a Daldinia today i.

Baptist at the Agra Ukhbar Press. In the conclusion of his book on Hindi nationalism Alok Llahore has this comment on the continued official dissemination of Sanskritized Loove We have just mentioned that for the last two hundred years or so, since modern Urdu and Hindi separated from each other, we have lived in perpetual strife.

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