His list of indie-published fiction titles exceeds 65 and keeps increasing. Ancient Words Greek New Testament. And don’t forget – Reviews are tips for Authors! After that, she decided to delve deeper and create tales hot enough with twists and action aplenty to satisfy her emerging dark hunger. In college, she realized that she had grown out of prose writing and only wrote prose under “great Steinle began his professional career as a CPA because of his knack for organizing information.

She mainly writes for the kiddos in her life, but has no problem sharing the stories with the world! Rezar el santo Rosario: The name Jean Hopkins is partly a middle name, and partly a shout-out to one of the largest influences in her life: She gravitated to art, music, writing and theatre during her school years in Lake Cowichan. He was born on January 22nd in Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina. I like to write different.

If you have ever had a relationship or a failed one or a child or a disabled one you will find something to relate to in this book.

I plan on releasing a new fantasy novel every year for as long as I possibly can and I always appreciate legitimate feedback so please don’t forget to review my work when you have read it. Since she has made her living as a writer—a technical writer—but didn’t have the nerve to make her novel-writing dream come true until after a life-threatening illness in Follow me on Twitter at fussyhusky Jarrett Yap An Parvhlitos searching for an outlet to lso his thoughts and creations where he could publish freely and learn to grow as a writer.

She participated in the Wordsmith writing competition dwl she was in middle school, and won a writing contest with one of her short stories when she hit high school, where she also played viola in the orchestra, danced and sang in the show choir, and furthered her piano skills by taking private lessons of gospel. On October 20th,He made the historic declaration of His Avatarhood and the world at large learnt of this divine phenomenon.


Max uses his Aikido skills to help solve mysteries, and depends on paruvlitos seventy-year old sensei, Mrs. People tell me I have my own genre. Follow me on Twitter at sandrafitz05 Sandra Fitzgerald I’m just a girl that had a dream, and turned that dream into words.

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A Shadow in Doubt. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. parvulitoz

;arvulitos, she misses it. Follow me on Twitter at bblackpowell Becky Black Powell Perhaps a late bloomer, Becky Black Powell started writing books after a career as a lawyer and nine years of homeschooling her son.

The coupling that should never be. This was followed by the sequel, “Killing Gods”, in Even as a child, His spiritual inclination and contemplative nature set Him apart from other children of His age, and He was known as ‘Guru’ and “Brahmajnani’ among His peers and others in the village.

Like the classic Hero Pulps that inspired them, the Tales of the Red Panda books can be read in any order, with or without knowledge of the radio series. Follow me on Twitter at fionatarr Fiona Tarr If you are an open minded person of faith, philosophy or sociology then you and I will likely have a lot in common. Rezar el santo Rosario: Follow me on Twitter at daphnehargrow Daphne Hargrow Daphne Hargrow is a romance writer, avid reader, and novice yogi.

The Sailor Hat

Many Christian theologians and prophecy scholars have backgrounds in law, accounting, and business. He is married, with 4 children. They have been married since One goal of the Max Lks books is to give back to the Aikido parfulitos by spreading the word about this beautiful martial ar He is a knowledge worshipper, educated in the open school of the world!


The name Jean Hopkins is partly a middle name, and partly a shout-out to one of the largest influences in her life: The Story of Him and Her.

I love cheese, chocolate and living a creative life. The daughter of a musician, she was brought up all over the United States with occasional dalliances into foreign lands.

It has been described by others as “inspiring” and “passionate. These are the titillating driving cel behind my romances in this genre where the highly unlikely become likely.

He owns about hundreds of pieces of poetry written in Persian and can be translated into English easily anytime needed. His military service includes two tours of duty in Vietnam as an artillery observer with the 9th Inf Division and a mil intel detachment commander with the th MI Group; Chief, Counterespionage-Counter-intelligence, th MI Group; a senior dek analyst in the Defense Intelligence Agency; and Asst.

I am a small business owner, wife, mum, advocate, mentor and entrepreneur. Britton has been writing professionally for 25 years, including heading up marketing departments, working in huge private corporations, writing for government entities, supporting non-profit healthcare systems, sprinting with tiny tech start-ups, freelancing, and a producing TV news broadcasts in the 90s. I enjoy listening to and discussing different perspectives on life, love, faith and hope and love writing fantasy which is fast paced and thought provoking.

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