There is a certain suspension of disbelief in any time travel movie. Edition Bob Ducsay Editor. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. One is immediately reminded of Billy Mumy in the Season 3 Twilight Zone episode, “It’s a Good Life”, who plays a mutant who terrifies adults by ‘wishing them away to the cornfield’. Now present-day self must hunt down and kill future self. The files can only be posted if they pass all the tests barring some false positives for Keygens, etc , and the MD5 Checksum under ‘Details’ tab matches that to the original file.

We’re asked to be content with meeting little Cid, our future Rainmaker, who has telekinetic powers coupled with a severe anger management problem. They don’t give good explanations about why time travel exists, or how it works. You’re clearly creating a brand new entity when you come back in time. In terms of a sympathetic protagonists, there’s little to like here at all. In the end, Looper proves only mildly interesting. Costime and make up Sharen Davis Costume Design.

To follow the story and recognise characters motivations does require a little concentration, but not to the point that you wont enjoy the action beats and other more visceral elements. Rian Johnson Writer s: We see Joe Joseph Gordon-Levitt traveling to the cornfield and then subtiltes executions one too many times.

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But I started out watching a movie about a looperr man who shoots mob victims sent back in time from the future, and knows that his final victim will be his older self. If you see a post without a virus scan or a tampered file md5 mismatchdo report it.


They broke their own rules on time travel, and made the ending of the film impossible and irrelevant given the events in the middle: There is virtually no action either – unless lopoer count Bruce Willis’s loopr shooting defenseless toddlers for which the certificate should surely be more than 15or needless torture and execution scenes. Interesting idea–even if it’s not very plausible. On top of this, the whole plot in general is very hard to swallow and lacks in verisimilitude.

They never actually explained WHY the first thing the rain man wanted to do was to kill the loopers in the future. Bruce Willis attempts to explain time travel, and give a justification for the writer’s itinerant stance on the matter, only to then smash is hands on the table and angrily shout “It doesn’t matter! Instead, I got a lazily strung together generic action movie with a splash of time travel and super- powers.

I was never bored. In a rather derivative idea borrowed from the ‘Terminator’ series, Willis must dispose of a child who will one day grow up to be the ‘Rainmaker’, the sinister figure in the future who is now bent on eliminating all the loopers. They clearly knew the plot made no sense, and they were just making a pathetic excuse about time travel being “flaky” to justify their random plot lurches and inconsistencies. While some of the action sequences are entertaining, the sci-fi premise is not developed into something clever enough to deserve all the the accolades that have been heaped upon it to date.

Or that they have to send them 30 years back in time and not just 2 billion years or whatever. But why can’t the syndicate send their victims in the present immediately back to 65 million B.


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The only action scene worthy of the name comes in the last 5 minutes where Bruce Willis suddenly turns ninja and takes out ALL the bad guys in about 30 seconds, and then walks off. But to me, this film starts one story and then switches in mid-stream to a story stemming from a second, unrelated science fiction premise.

Peter Schlessel Executive Producer. Abe, the enforcer from the future, forces Joe to betray Seth, who’s tortured and his alter ego from the future is hunted down. As thought-provoking as it is thrilling, Looper delivers an uncommonly smart, bravely original blend of futuristic sci-fi and good old-fashioned action. Once these hit men the loopers live their lives for thirty years, the syndicate decides to dispose of them by sending them back towhere they’ll be disposed of, sometimes even by their younger selves.

Although there’s a feeling that we’ve seen this before, the ending proves to be passable as we finally have something to feel good about. The whole premise of a “Looper” was never satisfactorily explained: I turned to my girlfriend and said. After watching Looper yesterday, i’m happy to report that Rian Johnson has removed those doubts and given me hope that sci-fi in Hollywood can be more than just empty spectacle.

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Someone like Joe, who one day learns the mob wants to ‘close the loop’ by transporting back Joe’s future self. The near universal critical acclaim for ‘Looper’ is something I’m having a hard time fathoming. In my opinion the plot is extremely lazy and is secondary to the action.

Costime and make up Sharen Davis Costume Design.

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