The wall is up again as Walt tells Henry that it’s not his concern. The detective describes him as a white male meth head in his mids. Did they get Jake? I do appreciate Longmire helping me find this site. Warren Stark Jeremy Ray Valdez He stands abruptly and brings his plate into the kitchen. Edit Did You Know? Walt thinks Rich blames them for everything that’s happened, and as for Faith breaking up with him.

Now he is dead serious. Paul Carter lies dead in the dirt below, pierced by an arrow, a red symbol drawn on his forehead. Allison Brennan August 15, at 3: Using the threat of violence to make someone do something they don’t want to do is kidnapping. Finally, a show with some depth of character, real stories, terrific acting. She thought he might never visit again.

Did you drive down to Denver last year to hunt down and kill the man who stabbed your wife?

Unfinished Business

The angry trio stomp back to their separate cars. Rich pleads ignorance, but Walt lets him know that Faith told them about his interest in archery. Okay, I do enjoy those, too! Now will he arrest that Indian?

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They unbuckle their gun belts and lay them aside. The answer comes from a cold place. Viho quips sarcastically, one down, three unfinidhed go! Jason Lennox Charles S. He pulls over anyway. Death is always hard, but murder doesn’t just create sadness. Walt asks about the man they found. It appears that someone is taking revenge against these boys.


If one of the boys flipped, that could cost the Lennox family a lot of money. Meanwhile, Walt is heading out to the Rez.

He has his gun trained on Rich. Watch now on “UnMade”. Elsie tells him to show some respect, but Viho knows Walt is there because he thinks Viho is the killer. She chose a career dominated by men and doesn’t wear a wedding ring. At Ayasha’s house, Walt asks Viho where he was last night. Lightning fast Branch swings, but Walt ducks and clocks Branch in the jaw, knocking him flat on his ass. The Ferg fills Vic in on the case.

Why does Walt treat her like this?

Henry reassures him that no he should not be, but Walt must stop avoiding the detective, and Cady! Okay, sure, they’ll have coffee. Walt turns on his employees. Viho claims he was at home, but Elsie works nights so she can’t verify it. He stands abruptly and brings his plate into the kitchen. He remembers that Jake and his friends were very tight. Walt retorts that Branch’s objection is “noted,” and turns his back on him. A courtroom where the dead boy, Greg Busness, is one of four teenagers standing with their heads bowed, listening to a verdict read by a jury foreman.

Why should he explain anything? Why did Walt stop him? She gapes at the majestic purple mountains and tree studded plains stretching for miles around Walt’s house.


He heads for the restaurant, but he is not alone. He used to think that himself.

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Considering his position during the trial, Walt doesn’t think they would want to hear that kind of news from him. Behind the eplsode, Vic follows a sloping path to a woodpile and stops short. Walt locks eyes with Jake.

Also, something is going on with Branch, so Season One is history and the second one is all set to go. Viho sneers that he hopes Walt will do his job better this time. So here’s the question; did Walt drive down to Denver last year to hunt down and kill the man who stabbed his wife? She’s got nothing left. Vic hands Elsie a search warrant as Walt steers Viho away. Walt asks Henry why that same owl showed up on the victims’ foreheads. An arrow crashes through the window, missing Jake’s head by an inch.

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