However, quiver will accept the original one-dimensional axis vectore x and y as well. Moreover, if the data vary exponentially in time, then the data will fall along a straight line, as they do for the case of radioactive decay. In that case, you need to go the the web to get more information. The latest source code can also be downloaded here. A simple contour plot with labels. The yticks command works similarly for the y axis. You should get a figure window with axes drawn in the upper left quadrant. The problem is that diverges at , which leads to large spikes in the plots as values in the theta array come near those values.

It does not matter in which order the format specifiers are listed in the string. However, a layer built on top of this basic structure called pyplot accesses the underlying package using function calls. However, for very small small grid boxes the half-grid displacement may be insignificant. Multiple calls to figure opens multiple windows: For some reason when I run this code, pyplot keeps giving me a plot with powers of 2 on the axes. For example, the command.

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The figure produced by this script is shown below. For most computers, it will be much smaller.

Calls to most pyplot functions return stuff that can sometimes be used in subsequent functions. We begin with an interactive plotting session that illustrates some very basic features of MatPlotLib.

Many more are possible but the color specification becomes more complex. Starting at a decay rate of nearly electrons counts per second, the decay rate diminishes to only about 1 count per second after about 6 months or days.

Alternatively, the loc argument may be omitted and Matplotlib puts the legend where it sees fit.

For example, by sequentially calling the last two plot calls, matplotib plot produces magenta squares on top of black lines connecting the data points. For plotting a typical function, something on the order of data points usually produces a smooth curve, depending on just how curvy the function is.


Post as a guest Name. A vector plot with a legend.

The annotate command connects text with plot points by an arrow. These two curves cross each other at the points where. Suppose you want to plot the tangent function over the interval from 0 to Type in the plot command shown below and press the return key.

As we shall see, we can instruct the function plot either to just draw point—or dots—at each data point, or we can instruct it to draw straight lines between the data points.

The resulting plot is shown in figure 4. An alternate way to set a color is by specifying its additive RGB value in a hex string.

If we had opened two figure windows, changing the maptlotlib to correspond to the name of one or the other of the figure windows would direct the axes to be drawn in the appropriate window.

The right-most icon pops up a window which allows you to specify an logllg file for the plot. The vertical blue lines at should not appear in a plot of vs. The first four lines in the above script create the two-dimensional array awhich is then contoured contour x,y,a.

This is strictly necessary to align the plot properly with the axes, since pcolor centers its pixels on grid boxes whereas contour and contourf assume that a is defined on grid edges.

Location choices are strings of the form ‘upper left”lower center”right’etc. If a problem of this type is suspected, this procedure can be turned off with the command.

Chapter 4 Graphics with Matplotlib

Notice that regardless of the specified line style, Matplotlib insists on making negative contours dashed as long as a single color is specified! The specified values are applied in sequence from negative to positive contours, repeating as necessary. The angle keyword argument is not available in loblog of Matplotlib earlier than 0.


We describe a simple but useful subset of pyplot here. Plot showing different line types and colors as well as a legend. The third argument of the plot command is an optional string, the first character of which is a color; one of ” b “, ” g “, ” r “, ” c “, ” m “, ” y “, ” k “, and ” w ” — mostly obvious, except ” k ” indicates black. Increasing this to 16 pts may be done with the command plt.

The online MatPlotLib documentation provides all the plotting format keyword arguments and their possible values. The quiverkey command produces a legend consisting of a single vector and a label indicating how long it is in physical units.

Mafplotlib Of Contents 1. The functions that do the plotting begin on line Note that the value returned by the contour function is needed by the clabel function to generate the proper labels. Experimenting with them reveals their functions. The result is shown in figure 4.

You can consult the web-based MatPlotLib documentation for further details. The code I have currently: There are other MatPlotLib sub-libraries, but the pyplot library provides nearly everything that you need for 2-d plotting. For some reason when I run this code, pyplot keeps giving me a plot with powers of 2 on the axes.

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