However, when disaster strikes from the world above and the entire village is in jeopardy, it’s up to Simon, Kamina, a girl with a big gun named Yoko, and the small yet sturdy robot, Lagann, to save the day. Site hosted by theOtaku. Madoka who’s been accepted in highschooll at Tokyo where’s her brother’s Kazu used to go come to Natsume, Akiyama Shinobu, mansion to make curry’s for Kazu who’s been alive as a Dog. He thinks of himself as a bystander and will always write down everything he sees in a cell phone diary. A boy named Juugo was disowned by his father and forced to transfer to a high school on the “Special Student Zone,” an artificial island. Koyomi becomes involved in their lives, seeking to help them and occasionally asking for advice from Meme Oshino, the homeless man who helped him become human again. So Satou manages to uncover the plot of The NHK stands for Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai , after three years of shutting himself in and rapidly approaching the fourth. However, something drastic happened to keep him away for seven long years.

How’s Keima make His move next to help Girl’s? What Happenned to them? Meanwhile, Hazuki learn about how to made Kagetsu back by the help of Shinobu. Cursed to walk through this world with the names Nine and Twelve, the two combine to form “Sphinx,” a clandestine entity determine to wake the people from their slumber—and pull the trigger on this world. Horror, Mystery, Action, Description: He wants to break out from the curse, but going out and getting a job is frightening enough for him. Darker Than Black Score: Steins;Gate is set in the summer of , approximately one year after the events that took place in Chaos;Head, in Akihabara.

What was once a sword-and-sorcery world is now the real world. She too had taken the law school entrance examination, catching up with him there. Welcome to eoisode N. Aladdin is a boy who has set out to explore the world after being trapped in a room for most of his life. I was disappointed by SOA2 as well. Although the boy appears human, ohrizon is half youmu and invulnerable to wounds because he can heal quickly.

Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by giants. The main lead Shiroe attempts to survive with his old friend Naotsugu and the beautiful assassin Akatsuki. The story follows Eijun Sawamura, a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki.


While Suzaku is secretly made the pilot of Britannia’s brand lpg prototype Knightmare, Lancelot, Lelouch becomes the masked Zero to lead the rebellion to destroy Britannia once and for all.

Mixed anime list, some for everyone! (Updated)

Second Season of Freezing. Ecchi, School, Shounen Description: As the duo encounter other Parasytes, they capitalize on their strange situation and gradually form a strong bond, working together to survive.

One Parasytes attempts to crawl into Shinichi’s ear while he sleeps, but fails since he is wearing headphones, and enters his body by burrowing into his arm instead, taking over his right hand and is named Migi. I was really hoping it would be as epic as the first.

However, when criminals start dropping dead lovemyanije by one, the authorites send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic lovemyajime To protect Shinobu, Hazuki sacrifice his life. One pirate, Monkey D. This is the last Episodes of This Series at http: Ben-to was ok, very odd how a company just left ppl beat the cap our of each other for half price bento but whatever it was funny. Luffy, is a boy who had eaten the Devil’s Fruit and gained rubber powers.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis Score: He happens upon others with their own supernatural problems and finds that he can empathize. He wants to break out from the curse, but going out and getting a job is frightening enough for episodd.

oog After visiting a village he discovers a sleeping girl under the hay in his cart. Kuronuma Sawako is nicknamed Sadako due to her resemblance to the girl from the Japanese horror movies “The Ring”.

Sakura Chiyo confesses to her crush, Nozaki-kun, but he mistakes her as a fan! Mashiro, an average 9th grade student but talented artist, and Takagi, an overall advanced 9th grader and aspiring writer. As a young child, Elisode Yuuichi had often visited his cousin in the city.

One day when visiting Harujion Town, loveemyanime meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation. Kuroko is a member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles”, and while nobody seems to know about him, the main 5 players of the team all admit that kovemyanime is a better player. He comes up with the idea of building a school. There are, in fact, seven Vanadis, named for having each received a powerful weapon from the dragon to individually reign over seven territories.


Death in game means actual ‘death’ The ten thousand who have logged onto the eisode of yet mysterious game ‘Sword Art Online’ using their Nerve Gear have been forced into this perilous death game and are trapped inside.

However, it appears that the psychotic side of Lucy is not dead just yet He meets a palace guard who has a bit of fujoshi taste, a half-elf maid, and the empress who is a little girl. Secon Season of Kuroko no Basket. No game no life Score: Shunned by her classmates, her life starts to change as she befriends Sh?

William’s find herself in another battle to make the best grades and find money for his school payment at the Culture Festival at his school. Romance, Drama, Supernatural description: Unable to release himself from the threads of fate, he is drawn reluctantly into this War.

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Embed Code hide post details. The world is over taken with a very deadly disease that turns humans into zombies. Staz begun journey to find Fuyumi who’s been abducted. I feel that it was all good. The police, baffled by this cryptic clue, are powerless to stop the paranoia spreading across the population. In the continent of Cruzon, an impending war between the Kingdom of Krisna and the nation of Athens is brimming. Little does episide realize that his fate will change overnight.

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