This is Fairy Tail If you are playing the game, invite me and I will give you a magic you want. Pretty good episode, probably the best so far imo. I teared up the most I have from the anime adaptation when Kanata started crying. Haha, I don’t see Free! Hope you like one of ’em. Well, it’s nice to see Kanata opened up after a bunch of drama of course. This game is still in beta and will be done soon Tell me if you would like to be wanted and would want to have a wanted poster in the game.

Anyone have any of their own recommendations? I just have to make it not download old episodes. Also kinda nice to see their father spill the beans a little. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Although I was expecting at least, like, a good blow to the face instead of some light taps. There will be secret stuff hidden on other islands. Prepare for some Deus Ex machina.

The endings were good, but if there isn’t a 3rd season then there will be loose ends in the story. Haha, I don’t see Free! Helios Thanks for accepting me! You can check out the trailer here: Should Kanata really change her clothes in front bustsrs a window with no blinds?

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I’m all caught up with fairy tail and the one episode a week is starting to seem painfully long. My favorite route in the VN was Mio’s and it still sticks true to the anime.

I really cried in this episode,especially the ending with their Family. Epixode is also added, treasures! I don’t know why. Sure I’ll make a guide too, give me a sec.


Have bustrs and please favorite and thumbs up if you have fun or if you like it. While this is still an anime thread?

Little Busters! Episode 18 Discussion

Good episode, but the rain scene soooo short xDD. For some reason, it feels like they’re making the actors suppress the screaming I’m not a VN reader, but the idea of Haruka trying to kill her sister with scissors seems a bit There are a lot of factions against each other in this Anime and the different factions go at it in just about every episode or the episode leads into it kinda like Fairy Tail.

I think those hair pins ties them together according to their flashback. What the adaption lost with Haruka’s character, they more than made up for her sister and I really like this.

I will host tournaments for Devil’s fruit or Legendary Weapon if there’s many people playing. Damn, poor girl D: This season was really good and had some interesting plot twists near the end. Solace Feliz Navidad Status: Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site.

I asked Jesus, “How much do you love me? They really tied everything up perfectly at the end and still kept all the major plot points in!! I liked it, It was a good episode, a great one, could have used more scissors though. You can snow ball on the snow island press e for refill.

You guys are really buaters But yeah, I’ll check out the links.


For those wondering why we were anticipating the rain scene, it’s because in the visual novel haruka originally had a pair of scissors and tried to kill kanata. Dat scene freaking me I will hold a tournament when there is many people playing. Click the feed that you added back in step 2. It has many elements from Shakespeare’s plays The Tempest duhand Hamlet.

The side story “soul eater not” doesn’t have the same feel as the original, but it’s interesting seeing the original character roam in and out of the show haha.

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It seems that if I hit update feed, it’ll try llttle download all the stuff including the old episode, but if I remove it then update again, it won’t try to grab old episodes, so I think it should work fine next week.

The world will never be free of darkness, At the same time, it will also never be overcome by it. Check us out for weekly releases! I teared up the most I have from the anime adaptation when Kanata started crying. There’s action, comedy, and slice of life, with multiple sub-genres like fantasy or romance. I watched an episode bustrs Sunday Without God.

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