I met my partner here and my children were born to this coast, the ocean salt in their bones. Preparation included the development of business cards, posters and festival registration. A kinder, happier universe. Helena has worked on over productions for Neptune and is currently the costume designer for the Royal NS International Tattoo. Laura has been teaching students of all levels for over 15 years and is excited to share her knowledge and skills in performance with the Neptune community. To achieve the goal of , dead seals in 25 days, 10 seals would have to be killed every minute.

Ritchie’s films and look forward to the profile they will develop at the Cannes International Film Festival. Lisa engaged a consortium of government and private sector partners to leverage the visibility of the TV mini-series The Book of Neg roes to promote Nova Scotia, cultural tourism and the new Black Loyalist Heritage Centre. Graham Steele is on the record, I think, as saying that the film industry was one of his most difficult files. You must be logged in to post a comment. It was determined at the end of that meeting that we should really try and resuscitate some sort of industry association, and I got left with the task of organizing the next general meeting and… PK: Lisa Bugden — General Manager. But those who want a mass seal slaughter are taking the same sledge hammer approach that destroyed the cod fishery; it is simplistic, unscientific, and disregards long-term effects. With management experience and insight over a broad range of industries, she joins the organization as it continues to expand Nova Scotia’s billion-dollar arts and culture industries to new markets, create new jobs and build stronger cultural communities.

Mary Hartley — Props Builder.

I continued to work in front of house, box office and some work in the props department until when the opportunity to be the theatre receptionist came along. Helena Marriott — Head of Wardrobe.

I have great hope for this place and my place in it. However, Taylor grew up and his hometown lost the excitement it once held and he left Chester to go to Dalhousie University with aspirations of becoming a doctor.


Here is that conversation. Comments When Fiml wrote my book about the grey seal-cod controversy The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, published by Fernwood, I did a little research on the Chinese angle to marketing grey seal products, and while it might finally be out the open, selling seal penises is nothing new.

Our industry is dependent on government policy, and so therefore we need to be engaged and we need to have a strong industry association.

For example, we organized a petition in very short order, and we got 24, signatures in the space of forty-eight hours. Did the heads-up from Lisa come before Whalen had delivered her speech on the 25th or after? Where else would I be able to watch a dragon built from scratch; so large she is stored in a separate room, moves with grace, can wink and blow smoke.

Nova Scotia Filmmakers Debut at Cannes – Government of Nova Scotia, Canada

We need to encourage our writers to stay here. Shawn Bisson — Technical Director. Whalley told the Chronicle Herald that he wanted an opportunity to address council directly before he would speak to the media. Because there was no single industry voice, n was causing them a lot of trouble. She was so effective that the tax credit was perhaps pushed to a rate that was ultimately unsustainable.

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NSBILisa developed strategies to promote the province as a vugden for foreign-direct investment and worked closely with leading international companies in the information technology, aerospace and defence and financial services industries.

There might, however, be something more to the story. To contact the Box Office, call or toll-free It is integral to the economies of Cape Breton, and some of the anti-hunt activists discount any concern for the humans who depend on it. Isabelle Chevrier — Administrative Assistant. Talk a bit about how this affected you personally, and the people who you were going to employ.


Since then admin support for the theatre school has been flim to the position.

So what do you think needs to happen going forward? Thanks and Love to Robert Doyle for everything he taught me…….

We should be able to have institutions that are responsive and able to offer guidance. My life is a Stan Rogers song played backwards. The NSFilmJobs hashtag was invented at that time, and it ultimately went on to have over 74 million impressions on Twitter.

I would love to see an independent production fund with a really streamlined, efficient administration, free of any political interference, with a board of directors that would have some really competent, smart people on it that could provide guidance for the people applying for funding.

It nearly happened in — Alison House — Box Office Manager. In her free time Mary enjoys being a little bit lost in woods, on mountains, and in seas. I recently tied the knot with my amazing wife Roberta; you might meet her tending bar at The Neptune.

Nova Scotia Filmmakers Debut at Cannes

I enjoy interacting with patrons, volunteers, staff and Board members. In Augustfive of the scanners were bugdne for Bloomingdales stores, but even that last-ditch effort was soon aborted. We made a point to put together a board of directors that had strong representation from different sectors, including producers, js, AFCOOP, stakeholders and so on.

Mary Hartley — Props Builder Mary is That Props Builder with the cool hair who always seems to be wandering the Neptune corridors with a drill and looking a little bit lost in search of that prop that needs to be fixed.

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