All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. February 12, Buy: The Life of Oharu Blu-ray. Sheltering in a temple filled with statues of Buddha, one reminds her of a man from her past and she reminisces about how she ended up in this position. She bears him a son, and is finally happy, only to be thrust back into poverty and exile when Matsudaira no longer has any use for her. He demonstrates a striking use of composition and plenty of graceful, immaculately blocked out camera movements. Love has grown, but still kept separate.

The Life of Oharu us a tragedy. Discuss the film and Blu-ray here. In Japanese, with optional English subtitles for the main feature. Some key scenes early on which would have been quite scandalous at the time are handled beautifully. Blu-ray user rating Video 0. It was during the making of this film that he started his initial work on The Life of Oharu , changing the satirical novel on which it was based into more of a melodrama.

Oife only gets worse from there. Features 1 day ago. A Dog’s Way Home. His camera is always moving — never able to settle, just like Oharu. The real truththough, concerns the very question of veracity within a legal system predicated on prejudgments of those carrying out the terms of, in this case, institutional misogyny.

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One of them goes by the name Oharu Kinuyo Tanaka. The rest of its issues are few and far between, with a few chemical stains and some instances of mold, along with heavy damage during some transitions between scenes.

This is the best the film has ever been seen. Their Finest Previous post Say Psych: Which is not at all to imply that Oharu emerges unscathed from all the abuse. Oharu’s affair with Katsunosuke is discovered and the young man is quickly sentenced to death. No longer able to convince her customers that she is still a young woman, hers is a life of hardship and suffering. Facebook Twitter More Pinterest. The Criterion Collection Edition: Instead, while the inner workings of the court system reveal voices in modest dissent, none are so powerful, or even determined, as to tip the developing narrative in a direction that would allow Dominique to be genuinely heard and understood.

Mizoguchi thus presents Oharu as something of a martyr, an unfortunate outgrowth of a society rotting from the inside. The Life of Oharu is an epic tale of misfortune, loss and prejudice.


Criterion Collection: The Life of Oharu Blu-ray review

The supplemental features on the revuew include new audio essay by film scholar Dudley Andrew; audio commentary by Dudley Andrew; and a documentary film directed by Koko Kajiyama. Use the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to agree or disagree that the title is similar to The Life of Oharu. The bibilical story of Abraham and Isaac is crucially invoked, played in voiceover counterpoint to a scene of a younger Biberkopf strangling his lover Ida Barbara Valentin.

Discuss the film and Blu-ray here. Learn how your comment data is processed. Shadows remain balanced throughout, and depth of field is consistently remarkable, allowing the smallest of details in the frame to emerge with clarity and precision. Sheltering in a temple filled with statues of Buddha, one reminds her of a man from her past and oc reminisces about how she ended up in this position.

Whilst it could easily lapse into melodrama, the story is told in a straightforward episodic fashion which illustrates the horror without dwelling on it. The Lord of the Rings: This was very interesting. Kenji Mizoguchi was one of Japan’s most prolific directors. I found the climax ,ife the film, involving the son taken away from Oharu not long after birth, utterly heartbreaking though. She shows all the horrors of her life in her facial expressions without overdoing it.

Features 6 days ago.

David Reviews Kenji Mizoguchi’s The Life of Oharu [Blu-ray Review]

A peerless chronicler of the soul who specialized in supremely emotional, visually exquisite films about the circumstances of women in Japanese society, Kenji Mizoguchi had already been directing movies for decades when he made The Life of Oharu in Minor marks and debris are scattered about, along with scratches on the edge of the frame, and pulsating, though not as heavy as the first portion of the film. With the money Oharu earns, her father pays off his debts. Her debt-ridden father now sells her into prostitution, a fate lofe Mizoguchi teases us into hoping she might one day escape, whether it be with a nice man who wants to marry her, or with the nuns at the temple.

The highlights of the set are two audio features by film scholar Dudley Andrew. Moreover how social systems, particularly those involving the chastisement of women, can ruin an individual. For bringing shame on her family and the clan, Oharu and her parents are banished. Turning his eye to the plight of contemporary Japanese society, and in particular the hardships suffered by women in the black market chaos under the American occupation, Mizoguchi released Women of the Nightan exploration of the circumstances that pushed desperate women of that time into the sex trade.


The dialogue is always clear with some great English sub-titles.

Kenji Mizoguchi, Yoshikata Yoda Distributor: When she wakes a key male figure is dead. While it is not light-hearted or particularly fun to watch, it’s definitely an important and beautiful film.

The Life Of Oharu – Criterion Collection

Mizoguchi perfectly captures this time period where women were second class citizens and had virtually no place in society, except to serve. The Possession of Hannah Grace. Slant is reaching more readers than ever, but as online advertising continues to evolve, independently operated publications like ours have struggled to adapt.

She is emotionally shattered by this, turns to religion and becomes a nun, however that doesn’t work out either. Life of Pi Rob AldamJune bl, The Life of Oharu is the bleaker of the two films.

No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. A booklet featuring an essay by film scholar Gilberto Perez. The monaural soundtrack is full and impressive in its range, with dialogue and reveiw clearly mixed together.

There are however, some image skips, frame warping, and some wear and tear around the edges from time to time. Tanaka did get the job and went on to direct six films altogether.

The film depicts how French society still retains its fear of women and their bodies from centuries past, only now that fear is better disguised rya a justice system claiming secular, democratic interests.

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