Dramacrazy lie to me Here are our handpicked suggestions for ‘dramacrazy lie to me’. This drama is slow but I would choose to give it a chance. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Log in with Facebook. I have traits that are better than hers. Kelly 8 July at Yoon Joo comes home and takes all her cloth coverings off the furniture.

Lie to Me Episode 1. Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married D I’ve seen a behind the scenes clip of the part of episode 1 when Ah Jung falls from her chair with her tomato juice in hands. Ki Joon drives to the same apartment Sang Hee went earlier, which is the now dark apartment where Yoon Joo used to live. Ah Jung hates feeling this way. Ryu Seung Soo Supporting Cast. Ki Joon asks Sang Hee to come back home to live, but Sang Hee declines because he wants to maintain his freedom. Thanks for the recap.

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The Chinese investor and his wife are actually in town for a second honeymoon, and the first thing on their itinerary is… digging for shellfish in the ocean mud. I used to enjoy this funny romcom Disappointing but my love liw Yoon Eun Hye will keep me fighting to stay awake.

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Already have an account? Im happy that Ki-joon appeared more today and we saw more of him. But it may be too late. Lie to Me Episode 9. I was about to give up on this drama, I know its soon, but this episode made give it another chance.


Sang Hee tells her to trust him, just say a few greetings and leave the rest up to him.

The rating epixode again for episode Ah Jung has her positive attributes, maybe even more than her friend, but simply by being unmarried, Ah Jung somehow feels less than worthy. Please enter your email address and je will email you a new password. Episodes by odilettante. She mumbles to herself that there must be only one hotel in all of Seoul, as she makes her way out. Thankfully, Ki-joon gets a call from work and leaves.

Ki Joon gets out of the car. Dad tells her to have the friend go apologize and beg forgiveness, asking once again if Ah Jung is in trouble. Your email address will not be published. I dramavrazy to be gf’s bff!!!!! I’m liking this show. The change on his face, from “There you are, you are in troboule” to lovely husband its Excelent and funny his eyebrow!

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Thats what bother me the most Ah Jung je So Ran to stop with the acting, and just tell her what she really wants. Why not get real Chinese speakers?

She notices a red wine stain on the rug, which leads Yoon Joo to a flashback of her break up scene with Ki Joon. The love story of Hyun Ki-joon and Gong Ah-jung. But today we knew a lot of dramacrazyy and i liked it.

I can just see that now! Jung… is just priceless. Things are looking up now, I loved this episode! Ki Joon is episoxe business as he tells her to get out of the car. Ki-joon just watches, amused, but drqmacrazy when he gets up to break it up, he gets hit in the crossfire. We suggest starting your further study with these links. Ki Joon gives his driver the rest of the night off, telling him he wants to go for a drive today. Now it picks up! I think YEH and KJH have the ability to move me even with go crappy script — but it could have, should have been so much more.


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Hoon pouts a little since he thought Ki Joon would want to know this latest development. Min Joon Hyun Supporting Cast. The scene where Ki-joon acts as Ah Jung’s husband is so damn cute!

Lie to Me Episode 4 Recap

Take Best Love, for example, another drama high on the zany hijinks and top-star meets reviled d-list actress craziness. Sung Joon Main Cast. Han In Soo Supporting Cast. He calls Park Hoon and reminds him to pick up the Chairman at the airport and not to fail in this endeavor. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Sang Hee gets down on his knees and sobs to Ki Joon, asking him how he is expected to handle this pain?

D I’ve seen dramacray behind the scenes clip of the part of episode 1 when Ah Jung falls from her chair with her tomato juice in hands.

I also like that Ki-joon is still emotionally invested in his past relationship with Yoon-ju, and that there are still unresolved things there. Finally, this drama shapes up with an interesting plot

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