It basically is a touch-sensitive pad with only the confirmation center a regular knob. Everyone is queuing up to play with this device. Not the most comfortable solution, but with the smart opening mechanism we just described, it might not be such a big issue. Nokia 9 PureView Hands-On: Now let’s get back back to today’s Top Secret show. The other highlights are the Neon Touch Navigation and Touch media navigation. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own preferences, right? Furthermore, the combination of hardware and touch sensitive keys can be really confusing to some.

Having spent so little time with the LG Secret, we are still unable to elaborate on those numbers. In fact, the Secret is likely to get some pressure too from a proven performer within the very LG family. The videos are recorded with divx encoding which balances quality with file size. Notify me of new posts by email. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Huawei Mate 20 review.

Thanks to Fleishman Hillard and Gavin Foo for hosting us.

LG’s 5 megapixel KF750 with DivX rebranded Secret, shhh

Some nice illumination effects enhance the navigation experience. LG Secret packs a 5 megapixel camera, slow motion and Fast video recording, carbon fiber battery cover and tempered glass over the display. A cutting-edge Nokia flagship headed to The States! Here’s what you have to tell Apple to get a free replacement unit for a bent iPad Pro. We are delighted with the build quality and handling of LG Secret.

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LG KF Secret review – tests

We should warn you that we had a bit of trouble getting used to the touchpad – the reason for that is there are two context keys on the pad besides the four directional ones, which are not marked in any way, so finding them is at times a trial-and-error process.

Next to it are the video-call camera and the ambient light sensor. It may seriess boast the same feature pack as the LG Secret but it has the sweet TouchWiz interface up his sleeve.

Back on top of Android. LG KF Secret torn apart. Another late post coming up. So sorry about the super duper whooper delayed post. More kd750 1 month already I was invited to the LG booth at the CommunicAsia last month to check out their latest Handphone. The handset seems to have it all – turn-head exterior, top-notch skill and a few exotic extras to spice things up.

The user has 0 warnings currently. This is lbael Aston Martin of phones. Nevertheless, once we got the hang of it, we found it a very smooth and fun way to control the phone. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Neon Touch navigation pad. The phone also features mechanical SendEnd and Cancel buttons, addressing a complaint that some users had with previous LG phones. The memory card slot is also under the battery cover.

Options Follow Show comments: My phone calls get dropped every 10 minutes. All of those are comfortable enough to use. Threaded Chronological Newest first. The LG Secret screen measures 2. LG Black Label Preview. Updates by My feed. LG KF Secret official photos. And thanks to Sabrina for inviting me. So, there we go with keeping it a secret. The microphone pinhole at the bottom and the USB slot and the lanyard eyelet on the left. Having spent so little time with the LG Secret, we are still unable to elaborate on those numbers.


When you fit it back on, a click indicates that the piece has locked in its proper position. We will come back to that a little later in this preview.

LG KF Secret held in hand. Home News You are here.

LG Secret is the third Black Label series phone – PhoneArena

OK, I know this is super duper whopper delayed post. We have already published a complete blakc. It basically is a touch-sensitive pad with only the confirmation center a regular knob.

After the performance, we moved over to the Yahoo booth. The LED flash however isn’t powerful enough so, unless you’re taking a photo of a close object or shooting video, it won’t be of much value. Everyone is queuing up to play with this device.

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