Don’t you just love it when anarchists, communists, and the like with the presupposition that capitalism came out of Satan’s butthole blame everything that goes wrong on capitalism? Who will survive, and what will become of them? En moeder-natuur wordt alsmaar vernietigd!! What is the chemical composition of the sludge? I suggest you use any translator software. Do you know what the company says? That was one of these days. What are we leaving our next generation.

You are sitting in a comfortable environment, using a computer, using an international communication network, and looking at digital photos. Just to set things right in peoples’ heads Reaching the podium – I can’t understand how so many people in this thread can ponder whether a pic shows a rabbit or a dog or a cat amidst the shere scope of the desaster. Am I being paranoid? You see a village with houses and gardens covered by 2 to 5 cm sludge and think about big catastrophe especially in residents life, but I guess where is that all toxic over one meter hight sludge now? Mi fuerza, y que os den cinco veces lo quitado. I have relatives and friends living there.

Just look at the aerial picture. A katasztrofa veszelyet el kellett volna kerulni. Hogyan tortenhet meg ilyen felelotlenseg?!

I feel sorrow for the fact that much of the chemicals in this sludge might have been recycled seriously, if there had been an economic impetus for it, you could use all the chemicals in this. It is good, that it did not happened during the night, then almost everyone would have died. Peace be with these poor people! What makes me more sad though: Then again, as it’s based on a true story, it’s probably unfair to label ‘The Impossible’ as such a movie because the plight of the characters is at its heart throughout the entire duration.


He’ll be tried by the court of public opinion, no doubt, just like plucky Mr Hayward of BP.

They will go away when companies decided that humanity is more important than their bottom lines. Am I being paranoid? By focusing on the survival of this one family rather than the scale of the event itself, a better, and more human, representation of the disaster is displayed.

If somebody is interested in this way, and have questions, let us know. What is even more after that? These problems aren’t cunmai to go away with a new piece of legislation or government sanction. The particular area where the disaster happened is actually one of the rainiest areas in the country, and in this year it has seen more than mm of precipitation.

Ki volt az a nagy okos aki engedeyezte a tarolo mukodteteset.

Es az mekkora nyomast gyakorol a gatra? Did the Vatican ever send a penny? This is beyond sadness and unbelief. I am cunnami german but I understand the devestation of these horrible situations.

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The matter is not human beeing or animal died, the life is not measurable in money! The world has changed and we’d better deal with the environmental risk and costs responsibly.

Will the Oscars Still Rock You? Sajnos az egykori magyar rettegesbe tartotta Europat, most csak szajhosok es corrupt kepviselok es polgarok orszaga. Hatha ez eset Isten jele hogy hagyjuk abba az acsarkodast – ne fogjuk a Turani atokra Attila hun volt, nem magyar, de ez legyen a legkisebb gond: Just this is not so good to be “shared” with friends.

Hany ember csukta be a szemet egy kis penzert amig ez a szornyuseg megtortent?! A gyar tulajdonosaiban es a vezetokben ha van egy kis jo-erzes es nem csak a “haracsolas” akkor “melyen a zsebukbe kell, hogy nyuljanak – hisz ebbol lettek milliomosok es nem nezhetik csukott szemmel – erzelem nelkul, mit csinaltak-krealtak, meg ha fizikailag nem is Ok tettek.


In this case an animal was not free to run to safety.

Government is responsible for safety of the people and people are responsible for the governmen they chose. Yea, how often rose Thy sons, My fair land, upon Thy sod, And Thou gavest to these sons, Tombs within the breast they trod! Who holds them accountable when this happens? The real question is “What is the real cost of technology?

It is possible to live in a world as our ancestors did without oil, aluminium, copper, gold and steel if the population really want it, but I suspect not. Just think about it for a moment Thats the Shame of the Country, among under of some others The performances from the central cast are nothing short of spectacular, especially Tom Holland, who carries the film for a hefty chunk of the running time with a gravitas that many older actors would fail to achieve. Mikor lesz forradalom befejezve alaposan?

Sodium somthing or other, This acid, That acid, etc.

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Now there are over ten times more polution like was in that mud lake. And all poisoned water must be drained from wells. Thousands of lands inundated, hundreds of animal species dead and injured, many public millions spent on recovering the zone, damages for unknown years.

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