Next, walk near the bomb to set it off and use the grapple point to get a piece. Walk up the river and break all the objects for a piece. Fruit block 3 – Break the container in the hangar next to where you free R2 and 3PO. Red brick – In stage 3, ride over all of the ground switches. In the second area, go all the way to the end of the first walkway. Fruit block 3 – In the security room, break the box on the right side of the room. Use the grapple point to get this piece.

Reflect Jango’s shots to get rid of the first three. Use the Force to put together the Astromech droid panel. Across the bridge, ride the lift up then pull the wall switch. Fruit block 3 – Destroy a piece of floating debris soon after shooting the target in the second area. Break the shelves in here on the right side, then build and use the travel chute. In the first area, use the second grapple point, break the container here and build the grapple point. Then use the Bounty Hunter panel to make the brick appear. Destroy ten TIE Fighters in stage 2.

Use the Force to put together the Astromech droid panel. Use it then step on the floor switch to get a moving platform use that to get close to the piece and jump to get it.

Same place as an in-game Canister. In the first area use the Cavlary to raise a Naboo Starfighter, then use a Sith to raise a platform on either side of the hangar.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

Grapple up and jump up the platforms at the top, head right all was way on the right side use the Force to raise the platform. In the area where you fight Vader with the Stormtroopers, break the Lego floor cover for a piece. Near the second bridge that’s extended when you pull a wall switch after grappling up, there’s another Force moveable platform, use the Force on it then double jump over to another ledge, use the Force to make the platform rise, and jump over to the left to get the piece.


Ware the command bunker in the room to the left, hover across the gap to get a piece by the Protocol droid panel. Then go to the right for a very easy minikit piece. In the last area, inside the first greenhouse-like object.

Ride the fan up to the awning then use the Force to make a platform then jup to where the piece is. Levitation Challenge – In the first hallway, have a Sith break the Lego wall and enter the room.

Build and use the wall switch for a chpter. Super Ewok Catapult – 30, Fruit block 2 – Break a container on the left side of the same room. Red brick – From where you are, have a Sith break kego the objects on the railing. Double jump or hover across the gap and step on all the floor switches to make a piece appear. Fruit block 1 – On wzrs forest floor, break the bushes on the left side. Keep going, and epidode the next minikit piece.

In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, but you must collect ten blue Canisters before your time limit of ten minutes runs out. Double jump from the platform to the Starfighter, then jump over to the ledge.

In here, step on the four floor switches on both the left and right sides of the room.

Episode II, Chapter 5: Gunship Cavalry | Lego Game Help!

You are commenting using your WordPress. An explosive will come out of the machine on cavaalry right. Use the Force to move the canister in front of the rocks in the second area. Fruit block 2 – Continue along the path to the right, break the containers at the end and build the grapple point.

In between the bomb dispenser cavxlry the TIE Fighter gate is a huge hole in the ground. The hop up the platforms to find a piece.

Lego Game Help!

The level begins with a cutscene of Dooku escaping into his hangar, and Obi-Wan and Anakin landing. All the way on the right side of the beach climb up the ledges and have a Sith break a canister for a piece. Red brick – In the hangar, go all the way to the right side. In the second area, use the Force to put all the support beams back up. Go to the other side and use the Stormtrooper panel and do the same as before. Hover to it, then to the other side. In the next area, use the Warz droid panel and enter the room.


Fruit block 2 – Inside a canister in the second hallway. Hover over to the other platform and pull the wall switch. Jump into the chaptwr air to be lifted up to the piece. Fly over the switches shaped like a TIE Fighter. The Canister is right in front of the hole. Fruit block 2 – Farther down the path, blast the rocks on the right side. Build and step on the two floor switches to make a piece appear. Chapter 4 – Retake Theed Palace [] Fruit block 1 – In the first area use the grapple point to get up to the balcony.

Red brick – At the start of the second area there’s a Droid Control ship, fly over the eight switches on it xavalry make the brick appear in the middle of the ship. Before the actual fight, you have to get to him.

Hop back down and use the Force to make a platform. Fruit block 3 – On the upper part of the sailbarge break the box and build the grapple point. Farther down the path you take you’ll easily spot it in a little alcove.

Go up the same stairs, break the moisture vaperator to reveal a grapple point. Repeat with each pair of lasers.

Use them to be able to jump over to the piece. Hover across the gap and pull the two wall switches to get to a piece. Here, you’ll be attacked by the same enemies as earlier.

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