Besides, everyone knows I’m the better bender out of us. And I want a polarbeardog. Watching the first two episodes of: But like I said, he mixed something up. I can’t wait to see what the anti-benders are up to, and how Korra’s gonna deal with it. They weren’t living in ancient times, for spirit’s sake!

My girlfriend said the same thing. Avatar is easily one of my favorite shows of all time, better than MLP and up there with Dexter. He was old and eccentric from what most people tell me, but he was also a genius at what he did. Equally frustrated and tense, but staying cool under fire, Mako opened his mouth to speak. Peering out of the side mirror, Mako furrowed his brows as the anti-bender gang dispersed into Satomobiles of their own. The story was pretty bad ass, don’t get me wrong, but the characters in my opinion were poorly made. Season one I would agree, but season 2 and 3 they seemed to developed better. Zuko led fire nation ships, this guy leads united forces ships.

If there was blood I think it would be pg haha it was epic. Are those words in respect to each link, or just an unsure sentence? They have two episodes up there, that’s where I watched them. One hand fiddled with a brown lock of hair near her face, twisting the strand loosely with her fingertips.

The Animus was deemed a failure, and they were all supposed to be destroyed. I wonder if it could be reversed. When all of the nations united, Aang founded Republic Citythe main region that Legend of Korra takes place in, to unite all the nations and benders dubhap;y one main area. Both parties involved snapped their gazes toward the large, angled ramp of pavement in front of them. Just a stretch but to anyone that seen the second episode, I think that the brothers are connected to Toff sp?


Though i hope they go a bit deeper. His episodw to take away bending comes from his psychic bloodbending dubhqppy.

Memories of Present 4. Was on demand 2nd aint up yet and I dont have nick: He watched as the two bursts of flames flashed through the air.

And who the hell are you?

I guess, in simpler terms, that stuff could be called blood relations, or people who are pegend from their ancestor through blood. And you can… Legally watch those, right? Mako’s brows furrowed in concentration, trying to think of a way to bridge some sort of understanding between him and his confusing new ally.

Does anyone know what happened to dubhappy?

His arms were cocked, the edges of his knuckles brushing against his cheek bones. They weren’t living in ancient times, for spirit’s sake!

He broke the embrace and turned towards the fire bender, eyes wide as saucers. I promise when we’re somewhere safer, I’ll fill you in on all you need to know.

Obviously it’s not going to be a black and white issue like it was with the last generation, since it’s easy to understand why people who can’t bend would rise against benders, especially considering how the society is currently structured. In that moment he noticed the parting folds of the bridge preparing to open up into two. I’m also confused on what the next season could be about.

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I am definitely loving writing this, and I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as me. The firebender turned towards his brother. Just the sight of such placidity seemed to rub off on him. How are they supposed to continue on from that though? Last edited Mar 30, at It was cold; so very, very cold. Speaking of Zuko, it’ll be interesting to learn about he and Aang did together aside from build republic city.


His brother glanced quickly into the rear-view mirror. She looks almost identical to Gran Gran from season one of the original series. A few swears, moans, and curses later, she eventually made it out onto the rooftop. He darted up the first few boxes, before taking a quick look around. Though, you are correct, it may have been 70 years rather than ; considering Katara is now about years old in Legend of Korra. Toph was later captured in a metal cage by Xin Fu and her former teacher, Master Yu again, when they lured her away from the group with a false letter from her mother.

He rubbed a hand over his face. Just wanting on an official date. Like I legfnd up until they met Toph then lost interest. From her spot in the backseat, Korra beat him to the punch. Does he want to take over Republic City? I personally would recommend watching them there, but it doesn’t matter overly much.

does anyone know what happened to dubhappy? | Yahoo Answers

Wait, this is an Anime? I come to America in 2 days. Gleaming white pearls flashed brilliantly.

I really, really, really loved it. We barely made it out this time, and we had the Ava— we had Korra with us. It was on, was it about them going back on epiaode the island, the korra had to fight that water bender guy Earth, Fire, Air, Water.


He looked lazily around him, noticing the change in scenery. I’m confused right now: Alright, dubhappy the mistake of not checking the previous pages. Cautiously, he spoke up.

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