With Jonas storming off upon hearing the news, Sam tries to reason with Marla and help her understand who Jonas is. The choir and preachers appear. To purchase subscriptions on-line, visit CenterTheatreGroup. Now, at the tent, the crew prepares for its final revival. Too bad the score, conducted by Brent-Alan Huffman and under the musical supervision of Michael Kosarin, consists of so much imitative doodling. Leap of Faith Musical in 2 acts: God Bless You, Mr.

Leap of Faith is a stage musical based on the American movie of the same name , which starred Steve Martin. Seeing an advantageous opportunity, Jonas quells the gasps and uses the ‘truth’ as a false story of redemption. Elsewhere, we see Jake with his mother, Sheriff McGowan, telling her about the tent revival – he is hurt to find that she is trying to push him out of town. As Jonas begins prophesying, we are taken to a dusty Kansas plain. Los Angeles Times – Somewhat Recommended ” Later, on Night Two of the tent revival, Sam is prepping the team. They can begin with some radical pruning. Marla is eagerly challenging Jonas on both his manhood and his level of tolerance when, in an impulsive moment, the two kiss passionately and Marla pulls Jonas into the motel room.

He is a beacon of hope for all that cross his path because of his radiant innocence and immeasurable capacity for belief. Views Read Edit View history. The production closed on May 13, after 24 previews and 20 performances.

Leap Of Faith-Ahmanson Theatre- Theatre In LA

A con artist, the Reverend Jonas Nightingale, travels with his ministry, but his bus breaks down in a small Kansas town. Theatre In San Francisco.


Previews commenced on September 11 – 2 October season St. Leap Of Faith Photo Gallery. Jonas is the brains behind and leader of the Angels of Mercy. The show opened on Broadway at the St. Jonas reveals that he has given a portion of their earnings to Jake’s mom, and Marla offers Jonas a new life in Sweetwater, Kansas.

The performer also sometimes indulges in a mush-mouthed Brando broodiness that seems inappropriate here. Esparza has a dynamic singing voice and is a formidable presence, but his Mephistophelean con man seems a shade too smarmy for us to buy into his eventual redemption.

Examiner – Somewhat Recommended. Come All Ye Faithful: Eventually, Jake runs into Jonas outside of the motel room and the two bond as Marla secretly looks on. It should be noted that you do not have to be religious or spiritual to enjoy this musical. The show needs another overhaul, but it’s easy to see why the creators have persisted for so long with this project: It’s no spoiler to admit that “Leap of Faith” brings various miracles and conversions into play as it claps and shouts to its conclusion.

There were moments when snippets of the scores melodic line ov vaguely familiar, particularly in the case of Marva’s first song, “Do Whatcha Gotta Do,” that seemed to recycle bars from many other musicals, all faintly familiar but utterly forgettable.

Much to Sam’s dismay, Jonas informs her that he is not leaving.

Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles. Throughout the preparations, opposition is intensifying; Jonas is confronted by Sam, Isaiah, and his Angels. Jake, who insists that he is okay, brings toast to Jonas.


Too bad the score, conducted by Brent-Alan Huffman and under the musical supervision of Michael Kosarin, consists of so much imitative doodling.

The Hollywood Reporter – Somewhat Recommended. After a deplorable string of bad boyfriends and poor choices, she is trying to turn her life around.

Leap of Faith

Jonas is challenged when he becomes romantically involved with the sheriff. We shift to backstage to find Ida Mae collecting the cash from the evening’s service.

This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat He possesses the company books, which show proof of embezzlement and tax fraud. The musical asks four questions: Meanwhile, at the tent, Jonas sits alone; staring at the stage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Robin Wagner’s scenic design is surprisingly minimalist. Faith is a tricky subject to handle without getting maudlin, shrill or simplistic, and “Leap” doesn’t make these mistakes.

The tent is now being put up as Jonas prepares for his last faitn at a major payday. Despite the rift, Jonas tries to find out more about Marla’s past and her bitterness.

There’s an affecting power to the show at times that can’t be denied, especially in Act 2. After a moment of healing, Jake attempts to take a step Theatre In New York.

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