She removes bedsheet around him and sis shocked to see knife under his chest and he is dead already. We cover upper body and some thigh workouts for fast fat loss. Later, Rita is declared innocent and Om Prakash is convicted. Watch Lavanya feels relieved after meeting Megan while Pratik escapes from the bomb blast. She says she has a good news for him, she is not going to jail as Kabeer does not have evidence against him. Laut Aao Trisha – 26th December

To know more, keep watching Laut Aao Trisha Kushaan tries to kill Trisha, but Kabir comes to her rescue. He then says he got a call form new number and says Kushan must be knowing about our relationship. Trisha also tries and asks Amrita to cry or say something. Pratik reminisces Amrita giving it to Trisha, she liking it a lot, and Pratik joking it is old fashioned. Kushan says Prem he was going for dinner with Lavanya and asks him to join. Welcome, Login to your account. Amrita’s tragic death traumatises Trisha and she is consoled by Kabir.

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Later, Kabir loads Kushaan’s gun with fake bullets. To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: I request you to please read this carefully and follow it accordingly. By Neha Desai views. They vent their anger on Kabir for failing to find Trisha.


Kabeer promises Amrita that until he is alive, he will not let anyone harm Trishq. Amrita says her daughter liked it. Kabir investigates Trisha’s kidnap and is eager to nail the perpetrator.

Will Trisha recall Kushaan’s atrocities against her? Trisha consoles her and asks her to sleep. Watch Bobby succumbs to a bullet injury. Ep Video Watch Bobby succumbs to a bullet injury. By Bollywood Bubble views.

Laut Aao Trisha – 18th December 2014 : Ep 101 Video

She says she got discharged from hospital. She says she met with a small accident, but is fine now, asks if all okay.

Also, Visit – https: Like us on Facebook – https: Latest Gucci perfume is a epissode blend by master of best perfumes. He sits next to Pratik, checks his breath and starts dancing happily and telling that Pratik is dead. Later, Kushaan is arrested for killing him. By Chennai Channel views.

Officer says he did not find anything suspicious and last people to come here are Trisha and Aditya, only Amrita was there with Pratik. She says she and Aditya selected this room.

The world is complex, exciting, layered, evolving, always interesting. It offers greater insight for influencers and the deeper consumer of news. Trisha asks them to enjoy the evening and says she will leave now.


Once Trisha leaves, they enjoy a chat and get intimate. Lavanya becomes glad after Pratik terminates Neha from the job.


Kushaan becomes shocked on learning about Lavanya’s affair with Prem. Superior asks him to make Amrita cry, she will give him clue. Watch The Swaika family panics at Trisha’s disappearance. Pandit says time is up elisode they should perform last rights. By Janta TV views.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Tere Ishq Mein Solo Singer: She removes bedsheet around him and sis shocked to see knife under his chest and he is dead already.

This video is an intellectual property belonging to the Indian National Congress.

Will Kabir be able to take Trisha home safely? Follow the Indian National Congress on Facebook: She thinks who is this man. Kabeer meets Lavanya and says he wanted to ask her something, he did not feel good calling her to his office, so he came here. Megan apologises to Trisha for her misdeed.

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He says he is coming after last rights. It offers greater insight for influencers and the deeper consumer of news. By Harry views.

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