Filler Gem, try to get stamina on it B1: There are a few starting classes, and as the game goes on, you can upgrade into higher tiers of character class. I’m not gonna say what others have said, as they’ve covered the gist of it. With the release of the Engineer class line, new skills called “Ely Skills” were introduced into the game. Guilds are another large aspect of this game. Terrilicious Oh thank you for saying that. During character creation, choose Explorer. They wield a Black Jade and Lantern.

Auxiliary skills are skills that let you get through the game and complete quests. This item is incompatible with La Tale. Card Masters are a class of magicians who utilize magical cards’ power to attack enemies in a brilliant fashion. There are a host of things one can do outside of merely questing and exploring. Destruction [Enhance] No Rating. I personally did not find a guild to join, but perhaps I will as I progress. Otherwise all the damage from the mobs you couldn’t hit would eat you alive.

The Basics Gameplay Videos 3. Wizards are a class focusing on Magic. Veronica Nov 30, 5: Degos would eventually come out too, and those parties were tons of fun. If your class does not have these skills, then disregard everything that was just said. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Miscellaneous skills are mostly buffs, support, and passive skills that increase the stat of your character.

Focused Shot No Rating. This potion allows the character to be resurrected at the place your hit points depleted to zero, though HP and SP will be set to half their normal values. Card Masters is also a class focusing on Magic. The gameplay feels like an action-adventure game coupled with an MMO. I recommend using bow because of its area of effect skills. Knights possess the highest stamina of any class and have average offense.


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Your bread and butter skills have their cooldown increased to 6 seconds from 2 seconds. You will be given a powerful level 55 weapon. For those of you who like aoe but like contributing in damage to the party then Battle Master is your way to go.

So it took a while to get to but was really satisfying. Lord above I hated the basic controls for this game. However, due to their low defense, they can die rather quickly. The music is pretty catchy and poppy, and not in a bad way.

Their SP is replaced with a gauge that fills when attacking. Most of the best gear and weapons you could get was via “soul urns” or straight drops from mobs.

I personally enjoyed 3rd job quests. Like the Warrior class, they cannot use daggers. This was honestly my favorite part of the game and I was really sad when they first got dumbed down in S2 and removed altogether in S3: The amount in which you get is random, but you do get more or higher tiered shards the better the weapon. I personally think these are a waste of time, but there are social players that will find these to be adorable.

Later in game when wizards job advance, they can no longer use daggers or get any dagger skills.


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Experience points are also influenced by combos, which are series of attacks that do not fail or miss the target. Unfortunately you won’t be able to put your bread and butter skill in there until level I rather like the idea of guilds offering bonuses other than an Exp Boost, or adorable pets; there are also banners and emblems you can gain as a guild which have their own potential boosts.

I feel like it is trying hard to be super ultra-cute and that is not a good look. It is a very simplistic character creation system. Essentially, they are the same thing but section A has most of the emoticons that can be acquired through killing monsters or bought from Fashion Shop using Astros. Rage gives skills with low cooldowns and great damage that can be spammed in later levels.

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Set Aim No Rating. Initially it feels like you are just a random adventurer until you meet Iris, who changes your world and ultimately sets you on an epic quest. Official open-beta testing began on August 21, and ended on September 3, At 50 they become Meisters, and at they become Engistars.

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