It weighs in at 9lbs 1. Our review bass got to us with a perfectly straight neck with no neck pocket gaps, boohoo! From what I’ve heard they have sold in excess of a hundred of them already. Body of this vintage-styled four-stringer is made entirely of mahogany and is paired with a maple neck. The specs for the Skyline Decade were sorted by me and six others at the old Dudepit and this was to be a Dudepit Limited Edition of thirty only. I think it looks fantastic in that finish, can’t think what it’d look better in either. I think what’s happening here is that the Chi-sonics somehow copy the aliveness of the Dark Stars that they are replacing and so I guess copy the old Hagstrom Bi-sonics too.

We have the matching Rangemaster American cooler too. Register a new account. The Skylines are only available in the trans burgundy. Sign up for a new account in our community. Edited December 20, by EssentialTension. If you have more information about Lakland Skyline Decade please write a review. Body Wood Mahogany feature-bodyWood[0] 3. Your email address will not be published.

There is a kind of Gibson darkness to the roundness of tone – if I can put it that way. All of the hardware was good quality, which is great; we all know how crappy hardware can ruin the quality of an instrument. As far as I know this is the only one in laklajd UK and one of two in Europe so far – the other belongs to a guy called Mauricio in the Eeries.

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Bridge Hardtail feature-bridge[0] Fingerboard Inlays Pearloid Block feature-fingerboardInlays[0] Possibly with the cooker in the background. The feel of the neck is to me superb.

Maple neck is topped laklamd a fret rosewood fingerboard. Butterscotch with maple and black blocks, plain headstock, and black pickguard like Eric Halborg’s US Decade in Swayback. Tuners Hipshot feature-tuners[0] Neck Joint Bolt-in feature-neckJoint[0] Basses without a pickguard look funny to me. I have it I had it I played it I want it. At the other extreme, the bridge pickup can get close to a J bridge pickup soloed but never quite makes it because the sound is never quite thin enough.


The best way to describe the body shape on the bass is essentially having the upper horn of a Fender Bass VI and lower horn of a Gibson EB3. Click on stars to rate Overall Rating 5.

Sign up for a new account in our community. The clarity of tone seems to make it much easier to play double stops and even larger chords – especially higher up the neck of course – while retaining the clarity of the individual notes. Controls Volume feature-controls[0] Finish Gloss feature-finish[0] The specs for the Skyline Decade were sorted by me and six others at the old Dudepit and this was to be a Dudepit Limited Edition of thirty only.

There is a roundness to the tone, a completeness even, which goes beyond anything I ever heard from a Fender. But I still had two take away curries in the last two days. Can I look at it? Controls Tone feature-controls[0] The active model with humbuckers and a coil tap switch must have a magnificent range of tones available.

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If you wanted a different colour on a Skyline you’d need to order a Limited Edition batch of thirty. Nice to see something a little different.

Site Downtime Tomorrow Read more Roll off the tone and the strings although bassier still ring out, none of the failure of the D and G strings to ring that can sometimes happen when one is aiming for some thump on the E and A strings. Posted December 19, Sign in with your GC account!


Posted December 14, Pickguard Yes feature-pickguard fecade Sonically, the bass did laklans nice smooth job through an Ampeg BR, playing some good old Stax baselines.

PS You’re not thinking of selling those Bergantinos are you? Posted December 17, Fret Size Medium feature-fretSize[0] Sign Lak,and Sign Up. Hope you have hours of fun Bill. Let’s hope it stops raining and starts sunshining very soon!

Decade4-r Decade Lakland Bass Skyline Series Trans Burgundy Cherry Finish Case

At the Lakland site the Decade audio clips are still with the Laklanr Star pickups. The weight of the entire instrument was decent, coming in at somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds. Your email address will not be published. The body weight and shape held the bass in such a way that the neck was at a very nice angle.

Lakland Skyline Decade

User generated skypine of Lakland Skyline Decade represent opinions of credited authors alone, and do not represent Chorder’s opinion. Body Wood Mahogany feature-bodyWood[0] 3. On the neck pickup, which is right up to the neck, a P bass kind of thump is available but it is never merely a P bass.

I’ve heard some people suggesting that the Decade does not balance well because of the body shape. I think it looks fantastic in that finish, can’t think what it’d look better in either.

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