Ibarat sotong kurita dah akak ni There is no force here. Believe me, we are referring to the same God albeit the the difference in our understanding on the concept of Deity and the relevant practices. And these are national issues, that have nothing to do with exclusive language or apostasy or even religion. You like to call Muslims in Malaysia as Melayu. In this case, if the Muslims of the country are against the usage of Allah in a non-muslim religious context for various reasons, so be it. How can you say that i cannot grasp the nuance in writing?

I have great respect for you and all Christians the world over. This is why I am suspicious of your comments. I have no interest in chasing after loose threads with anyone. Have they been brought to book? There is no force here. Whoa Eyes Wide Open! I for instance grew up with Muslim kids and sometime stayed in their homes. All this amount to a single argument that the pursuit of using the word Allah is just because — it has been used before as part of the language.

I have noticed this EWO for quite some time now. Sensitive or not, minority or majority or not, all these depend on which angle you are looking at it from. I do not understand why we keep on receiving comments like these.

The Name Allah: Quid Pro Quo on the Christian Community | jebatmustdie

How persuasively one argues would result in how popular such argument will become. Plus, there are indeed a bigger world out there than the world of The Herald. I am a Sabahan, and I am a Christian. I see no point to limit that usage.

V, instances of using Allah in arabic to replace God is erroneous and I can prove it. So there is indeed paranoia then? I can gladly go there with my proofs. To say that the govt of Malaysia was unaware of this is selective amnesia, as ALL publications MUST have the consent of the Malaysian govt before it is released to the public.

The fascist state is not a product of virgin birth — it does not simply just come to be. Unlike the Jews whose Talmud says that Jesus was born out of wedlock from a prostitute mother with a roman centurion, practised black magic and is now in hellfire boiled in semen and faeces, the muslims defend drzma purity and virginity of Mary, the ministership of Jesus, believes in his miracles administered by the power of God, and puts it as an article of faith to believe in his second coming.


Pagu wedding ceremonies have two kind of meals — The haram and the halal meals. Have they been brought to book? Apa yang disarankan itu adalah dikenali sebagai Fascisme. So, is this now an issue the Herald is trying to depend. AIPAC and their likes are free to write anti arabic literature alhijrsh support of their aims. Anyway, little use arguing to people who refuse to open their minds and see the bigger world out there.

I would have thought that what Orwell wanted to make fun of was movements that claimed to represent a new world order of justice and equality but later turned out to be as corrupt or worse than the old regime it replaced. Anything is possible right? The reason why sooooo many people came at full house I had instructed the Muslim audience to stand up and give the chapel seats to the christian audience who came from various churches was the topic of my talk: We are all children of God.

The majority must acknowledge the rights of the minorities to practice their culture and faith, while the minorities must in turn not insisting on engaging on sensitive provisions dear to the majority such as the religion.

So if you put 1 and 2 together Muhammad Abdullah.

Then some fine days -way before Malaysia was born some Tuans came to Sarawak preaching christainity. The Bible in High Malay dated back to the s used Allah.

The Hadith is Sahih! Syu,ur this anywhere in the bible? Dear sir, Apo has argued brilliantly in one of his comments in Demi Negara. And if anyone is interested to know, we do not use the name Allah as and when we like.

The Law has two alhijrab functions:. Mary the momma of Krishna or Siva or Buddha would I think be just as blasphemous to the practitioners of those religious persuasions. Saya memang lebih suka menggunakan perkataan Tuhan.


~UMmU ZiYad a.k.a Mrs.Jie~

But of course in Malaysia, majority always have a louder voice, minorities sometimes, if not always, get sidelined or marginalised, and left to fend for themselves. I am sure once they grow up they know which is the rights and wrongs. Problem is, when Islamic authorities attempt to correct misinformation amongst Muslims, people like you come out and attempt to interfere with our beliefs and denigrate our ulama and efforts!

In the draka of Allah the papa, Allah the son and Allah the ghost holy or latu Mary the momma of Allah.

State your case, and wait for the reply. The sabah museum on top of the hill was not even built yet when I was there. Therefore, I have come to conclude that it is indeed a lingual issue.

JMD in house publication of the herald magazine is just Assalamualaikum and hello to all, This comment may be a bit too late but ive got to correct someone on his comment. Thereby, all references you quote of the bible in malay are moot.

In order to make something that we acquire so meaningful and precious, we must work for it regardless what people around us will say. It has been that way. I do not think it exists now. Hopefully you had read all the comments from the Muslims here in this commentary section too. Apahallah Herald tu keras kepala sangat!. This latest posting here is an invitation to all Malaysians Muslims and Christians to unite, as one happy citizens of The Kingdom of Allah, believing in Allah as He should be believed; believing in His Al-Kitab as it should be believed; believing in all His Prophets as they should be believed; believing in the Hereafter as it should be believed; believing in His Angles as they should be believed …….

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