In fact, Lacan even goes so far as to say that language can never fully articulate what the subject wishes to say: As a result, sexual difference is translated into a logical difference that signals the asymmetry proper to the sexes. In other words, sex is neither simply the anatomy nor the identifications that are said to be proper to men and women, but it mainly appeals to a crucial Lacanian concept: Thus, being a man or a woman is not an anatomical issue, but a real one. Fortunately, the first surgical intervention goes well and Lili seems to feel complete thanks to the removal of the male organ. Such interruption has two further consequences: For psychoanalysis, sex is neither a mere biologic reality nor a pure cultural one, but it is rather placed in a frontier between these two domains, which refers to the specificity of one of the major Freudian concepts: In his analysis, courtly love would be a paradigmatic operation of sublimation inasmuch as it elevates towards an extreme dignity the desired object, which Lacan called the objet petit a.

From a clinical perspective, it is quite common that most transsexuals who demand a surgical transformation narrate these same symptoms, feeling a discomfort with their own body and a repugnance towards the penis. According to the interpretation that I will provide, the film reproduces a too much taken for granted liaison: His previous analyses departed from two principles: Indeed, Lacan, in his sixth seminar, devoted to desire and the insertion of the subject into language as a symbolic structure, elaborated an explanation of the desiring circuit. From a Lacanian perspective, what is quite interesting is the enormous presence of the register of the Imaginary. Finally, she does not have to pass as a woman, but she has become one. The psychoanalyst Colette Soler summarizes it with an excellent precision: Our body is marked by signifiers; it only has a form because we are capable of recognizing ourselves in the mirror; and the jouissance of the body goes well beyond its biological needs.

Indeed, Lacan, in his sixth seminar, devoted to desire and the insertion of the subject into language as a symbolic structure, elaborated an explanation of the desiring circuit. Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, In courtly love, such an object is incarnated by the lady to spiegelstafium the troubadour dedicates his poems.

Desire, then, is always the expression of a lack-of-being, of an impossibility of a reconciliation with oneself. It involves a failed attempt to subtract oneself from the phallic function through recourse to a surgical intervention, which would presumably allow the subject to incarnate The Woman as a universal. The consequence of a psychic operation is the mortifying bond with a jouissance that is experienced in a brutal sense.

As a result, language forces the subject to interpret a mythical anatomy under the influence of one and single signifier, rejected in the case of psychosis, which means that castration is not working. Hence, what Einer elaborates in his portraits and paintings is tied to an operation that refers to the object of jouissance, which Lacan called the objet petit a: According to the interpretation that I will provide, the film reproduces a too much taken for granted liaison: In this sense, it is quite curious that the film suggests that Lili is at ease performing an extremely stereotyped version of womanhood, what seems to reinforce Catherine Millot’s assertion in relation to certain female transsexuals: Some months later, the couple moves to Paris, where Gerda’s portraits of Lili have had a huge success.


In this subjective construction, his wife, Gerda, plays a crucial role, which reminds of the Lacanian assertion of the importance that a partner can have in order to sustain the sinthome.

His previous analyses departed from two principles: Paris, Le Seuil, b. As a matter of fact, the lack of any restriction, of any limitation in the domain of a fantasied omnipotent jouissance, is the same as death, the zero point in which life consumes itself.

Despite this, the real lack persists: The spectator is only confronted to Einar just before the Real bursts into his symptomatic reality, undoing the strategy he had invented in order to join the Real, the Fil, and the Imaginary through a sinthome that painting was meant to be. As far as foreclosure is concerned, the confusion often made by transsexuals is to put on the same level the phallus as on organ the image of the penis to its dimension as a signifier without a signified the Real.

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For a further approach on this issue, see Lacan, Jacques: Indeed, Gerda shows the dimension of love as such: Sexual identity for both males and females is always precarious because the human infant becomes sexed without fully symbolizing unconsciously a normal, finished sexual positioning. And they are absolutely right because for the unconscious somebody with a penis can be a woman or someone without a penis can spiegelstadiuj a man.

From a psychoanalytic point of view, one can be on the feminine side of jouissance and have a penis, a question explicitly outlined by Lacan: All customers are delighted with her delicacy in selling perfumes, while all her colleagues at the store like Lili.

This will be the first encounter with the discourse of science, lacaj by what Lacan named the discourse of the universitythis is to say, a social xii construction of knowledge in terms of the truth concerning the subject. His paintings elaborate a liaison between the feminine figure and his modality of jouissance, which provisionally offers spiegelstadlum solution for the impasse to which the unconscious is confronted: Les quatre concepts fondamentaux de la psychanalyse Before beginning my analysis about the film, I would like to clarify some key notions regarding the Lacanian corpus.

In this period of their life, Gerda is confronted to a situation that requires an ethical response: Unfortunately, the story narrated by the film does not tell any subjective experience before his success as a painter, which deprives of a further information concerning his story.

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The Woman in terms of the signifier that he will aim to incarnate. To use a Lacanian expression, painting performs the littoral proper to writing, which shapes the borders proper to the body inasmuch as the signifier, thanks to its imaginary dimension, allows the creation of the form of a bodily totality: As far as Lacan is concerned, he used this notion in order to describe the psychotic operation of foreclosure, which entails that in psychosis sexuation is outside the phallic signifier, this is to say, there is a rejection of the phallus.


L’envers de la psychanalyse In an effort to assume this symbolic position, Einar goes back to painting. Paris, Le Seuil, b, pagesand Lacan, Jacques b: Being a man or a woman, then, is not primarily a matter of attributes or identifications, but of enjoyment. Hence, Einar sees in Gerda what he had been sublimating through painting, which had prevented a trigger of a psychotic structure: Language, then, works as a tool to give an account of the region lacked of a proper category, surrounding the subject through unconscious fantasies: Such an anxious dilemma is powerfully captured by the camera in a scene where Gerda requests Lili if she can have her husband back.

The consequence of foreclosure is barring the assumption of a sexual position. As a result, the structure of desire supposes the pursuit of an exceeding element that cannot be properly grasped by no concrete experience due to the fact that desire, in its negative constitution, is bond to the attraction that the objet petit a performs in the subjective level.

On the contrary, feminine jouissance goes beyond necessity in terms of a contingent logic, expressed by the formula not-all phallic, this is to say, not fully concerned by castration, an operation that bans the possibility of a set and, hence, any opposition or union towards the masculine side.

It is a huge portrait of a good friend of the couple, who will rename Einar as Lili. Painting, the symptom and the sinthome The opening of The Danish Girl is revelatory of what is to come: As a result, sexual difference offers the two possible positions in which such a failure happens: Concerning the circuit proper to the drive, Lacan referred to its partial structure, which entails that the drive does not exhaust the object at once, but it rather surrounds it.

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In other words, A is a set if and only if Spiegelstadijm is excluded from it. However, as I will argue for, according to what the film recreates, Einar is not a pervert, this is to say, he does not disavowal castration, but he rather forecloses the phallic signifier that inflicts a structural separation between the subject and all its identifications.

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In fact, Lacan even goes so far as to say that language can never fully articulate what the subject wishes to say: I would like to suggest, in order to continue with my analysis in the next section, that his sinthome begins to experience a progressive disintegration with the encounter of what, in Lacanian terms, is The Woman, spiegeelstadium is to say, a recreation of feminine jouissance in terms of completeness and totality, a feature proper to perversion.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness. Cinema is one of the languages through which the world communicates itself to itself.

Remember me on this computer. Despite this possibility, Lili does not hesitate:

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