Encouraging Maria Josefa to return to bed, Martirio calls out for Adela. A gunshot is heard outside. They see the men who work the land as free and independent, as having everything the women who are prisoners in the house do not have. Angustias suggests anguish, for example; Martirio, martyrdom; and Prudencia, prudence. In a veritable hysteria, Bernarda Alba shrieks that Adela died a virgin, forbids tears except in private, and calls for silence, silence, silence, as the curtain descends. Bernarda retrieves a gun, and shoots at Pepe waiting in the yard. As we hear the threat of the galloping stallion in Blood Wedding , threatening the orderly arrangement of events, so one hears the hoofbeats of the caged animal in Bernarda Alba , a tattoo of threatening disaster again.

Views Read Edit View history. The setting is on the edge of action. The land, which produces wealth, also serves as a metaphor for procreative power and other freedoms. Magdalena is the only one who loved her father, La Poncia explains. But Maria Josefa is also very perceptive, more aware than Bernarda of the dire situation in the house. Already skilled as a pianist and singer, Lorca wrote his first poems in and published his first book in , the prose work Impressions and Landscapes. Lorca did not include it in his plan for a “trilogy of the Spanish land” which remained unfinished at the time of his murder. Lawrence, or in Williams, or in Genet.

Weather in general is symbolic; the heat suggesting intense sexual frustration. Martirio tells Amelia she thought she heard someone in the yard last night.

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The New York Times. La Poncia contributes stories about her courtship, and the mood grows lighter. Men and women of rhany nations traveled there to fight against fascism in international brigades. He was one of the earliest casualties of the Spanish civil warexecuted by fascist rebels, his body thrown into an unmarked grave.

The play was published the same year, also in Argentina. The story of Paca la Roseta, who spends a night with some local men deep in an olive grove, is to Bernarda a perfect example of the corruption which runs rampant outside her domestic space.

Near the conclusion of the play, Angustias stands her ground when a hysterical Adela orders her to tell Pepe that Adela will be his. All the bad luck predicted in this scene comes to pass. There is something about her highly mannered style that seems alva me grotesque and extravagant, albba than powerful and moving, and this struck me as being all the more noticeable last night because that style happened to be contrasted with the less ornate playing of the other members of the cast.


She plans to keep the house shut up for eight years, and requires the daughters to cover their heads in mourning. When Bernarda judges the men of the area as unfit for her daughters, she does so not on their individual merits, but because as shepherds and laborers they are all beneath her economic ideal.

They see the men who work the land as free and independent, as having everything the women who are prisoners in the house do not have.

The deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action is highly significant as it helps to build up the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout the play. Lorca resisted efforts to recruit him for the communist party, but at the same time his social conscience caused him to be outspoken in his criticism of Spanish conservatives.

From his experience directing a production of the play, Eric Bentley discovered albba paramount importance of the house, observing the significant role of windows and doors that serve as both barriers and bridges. She has a deep connection to nature, yearning to be free of the house and breathe the fresh air of the fields.

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Apparently the only daughter who truly loved her father, Magdalena, 30 years old, faints during his funeral. Surrealism and Dadaism exerted influence over a number of arts, inspiring works that sought through imagery to pierce the human subconscious. The play explores themes of repression, passion, and conformity, and inspects the effects of men upon csaa. Additionally, Lorca did make subtle use of the classical technique of the chorus that comments on the action of the play.

She stays behind while her sisters rush to get a look, until a maid hints that she could get a better look from her bedroom window. Lorca continued to write for the theater, brnarda in a production of his play Mariana Pineda was a success in Madrid.


She is frustrated with her husband, who refuses to forgive their daughter for an incident long in the past. The mourning women depart, and Bernarda curses what she sees as their hypocrisy: Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

His decision turned out to be re, as Granada was filled with coup sympathizers, and quickly fell to rebel forces. She orders La Poncia to search the bedrooms. She appears to have learned nothing from the experience of losing her youngest daughter, for she exerts the same repressive control against which Adela rebelled with such tragic results. In Lorca traveled in the United States and Cuba, and from the experience of roaming the streets of foreign cities, he crafted the collection Poet in New York.

Lorca wrote The House of Bernarda. The house is a self-contained society which Bernarda rules with an iron hand. In civil war broke out as conservative army officers under General Francisco Franco revolted against the liberal Spanish government. She is kindhearted and hates to hear her mother speak unkindly.

Like Martirio, she feels uncomfortable and embarrassed around men.

The House of Bernarda Alba

The other sisters enter, arguing about the inheritance. Lorca did not include it in his plan for a “trilogy of the Spanish land” which remained unfinished at the time of his murder.

Other plays of note followed, including Yerma and Blood Wedding. In The House of Casw Albawe have what amounts to a nunnery and all that implies of the suppression of passion: La Poncia and some of the other daughters enter. We may thus read these tragedies as concluding on a pessimistic note: Volume 2, Symbolism, Surrealism and the Absurd.

As we bernarfa the threat of the galloping stallion in Blood Weddingthreatening the orderly arrangement of events, so one hears the hoofbeats of the caged animal in Bernarda Albaa tattoo of threatening disaster again.

Not only does Pepe become. For the film adaptations, see The House of Bernarda Alba disambiguation.

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