Be happy and jolly always. Nandini is shattered and reveals this to Manik who in turn decides to make amends for all his previous blunders. Kahan chupi baithi hai idiot???!!!!! Upar se nange innu chapters odlikke ide. I love this day.. Ustaad Mukesh disowns Maddy because he chose rock music over classical music. Manik accepts Aryaman as Nandini’s friend. Aaryaman arrives at the party and Manik doesn’t like it at all.

For his own benefit, the businessman tries to showcase both the performances but unfortunately Maddy and Manik start fighting on the stage. On Friendship’s Day, she announces that she wants to leave FAB5 and begin a fresh life which angers Dhruv who blames Manik claiming that he is their over shadower. Mukti says that she has to confess and says that she was asked by some people to join their band but she has decided that she will not join. The love triangle soon comes to an end as Alya and Dhruv start to get closer when Nandini tells Dhruv that she only sees him as a friend and always will. Nashita nina 11th Jan – 9: The secretary helps Navya and Mukti cure Abeer. Later Nandini and Manik come to know about the contract from Dhruv.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 31st December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Although it is proved that Manik is innocent, and despite Epsode efforts to get back with him, he makes her suffer, as he felt Nandini didn’t trust him enough and felt she betrayed him. Shifa shakira 13th Jan – 9: Kangana Ranaut thanks PM Narendra Modi for taking decisive action, says ‘our fight against terrorism has begun’. Add Image S2, Ep1. Wish to meet all my frnz atleast once!!! Soon they become more than friends and on their first date, the fireflies light up, indicating to Nandini that Manik is indeed her true love.

Manik thinks that he isn’t right for Nandini and she deserves better. Add Image S2, Ep4. Daisy 10th Jan – 2: Ky2 plz come back yaarrr. Maddy sings the finake composed by FAB5, in the event. This story is about a musical group “Fab 5” and their friendship. Navya tests the capability of Sahil and Kiran if they want to adopt Abeer. Later Nandini and Manik come to know about the contract from Dhruv.


The love triangle soon comes to an end as Alya and Dhruv start to get closer when Nandini tells Dhruv that she only sees him as a friend and always will. Harshad blackmails Nyonika to make him the President. He also offers to perform for free and requests the organizers to cancel their contract fijale Manik. Mukti calls off her wedding and Zubin goes missing. On Dec 31, Add Image S2, Ep6. Okay bye now shifa.

Nandini is informed that Fpisode has been banned by Nyonika. Manik and Aaliya both agree and congratulate her for this achievement. Harshad creates misunderstanding between the team mates by accusing Aryaman for the blast.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan season 2: Manik to get pissed with Nandini and lash out at her- find out why!

The core of the show lies in highlighting the importance of friendship along with other relationships, be it romance, or family relations. And im good shifa.

When Soha Khurana Jasmine Avasia enters as the obsessed fan of Manik, as she couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else being with him,she apologises manik and they become close again. Want to b a kid for life!! Kudos to us guyz!! Manik is overjoyed to find Rishabh speaking. Sry for late rply plumpyy.

Our source reveals, “Niti Taylor aka Nandini will start dreaming and hallucinating about Manik tomorrow. Meanwhile Manik’s influence gets his band the chance to perform at the event. Agitated with Maddy, Mukti decides to hit him with her bike, Nandini stops her.

Nor u came here, not on watsapp, got to kno nt evn on mails!!! When is it airing?

Soha’s obsession with Manik reaches a dangerous level and she attempts to kill Nandini in a fire but she is saved by Manik. I ws sooooo happy commenting here… And i can never forget u guyz. On this pg i had commented for d first tym… Aftr being a silent reader frm d beginning. Nandini and friends are startled to see Manik playing guitar in the music room, they are ecstatic to see him alive. This angers Nandini and she accuses Manik of being selfish for not considering her feelings and tells him that she wants nothing more to do with him whilst he apologises and begs for her forgiveness after realising what he did to her was wrong.


The Times of India.

Episodee is upset with Mukti for having posted an advertisement for Abeer’s adoption. Meanwhile Navya checks the capabilities of Abeer’s adoptive parents. I came n aftr few mins queen came. He calls Nyonika mom and tells her that she’s gonna live in guilt all her life and also proposes Nandini.

Her friends rescue her and try really to cheer her up. Boys Over Flowers Indian television series debuts Indian television series Indian LGBT-related television shows MTV India television series Indian eoisode television series Indian teen drama television series Hindi-language television programs Television programs based on manga Indian television series based on non-Indian television series. It is also revealed that Zubin was kjy2 escort and not just a cuddler, he lied to Mukti because of his fear of losing her.

Mukti leaves to join an international music house to go solo and Alya takes a contract for fashion design. The actor started shooting on September 30 and here’s all you need to know about his much awaited comeback on the show!

However, when Nandini finds out that Soha has died in the fire a ploy set up by Nyonika and Soha’s fatherand that too perhaps because of Manik, she remains silent in court when she is asked if Manik had anything to do with Soha’s death.

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