Anime in general are even more realistic and makes way more sense than watching this kinda crap I hated her guts right after I first saw her, and as the drama continued I hated her even more. This one was okay. It has some ok parts , but all the other super boring confusing parts overshadow anything else. I think these two actors did a pretty good job acting together. Very interesting film noir influenced drama. Yeah, okay, the premise is interesting.

Then again, Kurosagi could still defeat Mikimoto for a more satisfying closure and keep Katsuragi active for a sequel set-up. Demo, it was a good drama so I hope there will be a second season! Pi had many different costumes which definitely added to the eye-candy factor of the show, with many twists and turns. PureYuki One of the best drama based manga. I must admit, though that the music was pretty cool. To find out information about swindlers, he is employed by an old man.

I can’t believe how many people voted for this drama. He doesn’t need to be smart and he kurosagj to swindle his prey because they’re all dumb as shit The prosecutor-wannabe just pissed me off endlessly. The only problem is the inspector’s laugh which sounds forced and fake. I only can watch one episod in a week, so it will be taking a long time until I see the end.

This section may contain spoilers! YamaP’s performance is good, but a little disappointing after his role as Akira in Nobuta wo Produce. It gives me high hopes about the movie and how it will affect this drama. I liked the drama except for the end.


And on top of that, it include Maki Horikita and Yamashita Tomohisa. Well, from what i understand, it is because he is a known swindling ‘criminal’ and because xrama whole family died because of swindling Afterall, this is the drama that ourosagi me like yamap more, and hence, fall back to like jap dorama.

This drama is entertaining and gives you a lot of mystery about each character development. Anyway, the first half of the episodes I thought were pretty good in their script. Not much had changed. Good luck for them.

Kurosagi [クロサギ] ::

Please, ourosagi not cutely stubborn. I love this series!!! As Kurosagi, he swindles other con artists and returns the money to the original victim.

In each episode we have Kurosaki YamaP dealing with different swindling scenarios. Overall its a very amazing drama with great acting.

And because the ending didn’t bring closure to several loose threads. Good drama with great plot and especially greatig acting from Yamapi.

Ostt inspector, Sho Aikawa from Zebraman, also is a very intersting character, trying to catch Kurosaki but secretly approves Kurosagi’s swindles. It is a stage for him to act funny, cool, hurt, handsome, childish and nonchalant.

Reviewed by jdoramadotcom on 5 October Some of the cases were rather convenient but at least entertaining. I must admit, though that the music was pretty cool.

Fuujutsushi’s Corner

Reviewed by noodlefreak on 25 May Thank God that he got this leading role. Overall, Kurosagi ended up being a drama dramq wasn’t quite able to deliver, and just didn’t do it for me at all. She is the complete opposite of him. It’s about a swindler who takes from the rich and gives back to the poor.


Gork I love how each episode has a different case The acting was poor, and the portrayal of Yamapi as a slick young thief in the shoes of a “modern day Robin Oet was thoroughly unconvincing. I did not understand fully the complicated relationships in the swindlers’ community. I guess it’s because they want to make a sequel of it i assume.

The idea is interesting but the dorama itself kyrosagi kind of boring. I’ll get to that in a bit. Kind of like a kueosagi action, like kon in nobuta wo produsu. Not as good as NwP but still likable if a bit shallow and overwrought.

Reviewed by Wynter on 10 August Even it’s so different than other box-office love jdrama, kst still as good even better However, i don’t think yamapi fit the part – why does he always try to “act cool” rather than simply act? The scene where she made up with Tsurara at the last 10 minutes of the last episode was unnatural and unrealistic. Yamashita Tomohisa plays Kurosaki, a young man whose family was destroyed by swindlers. For me, actually, I thought the last episode was a bit emotional.

Shinsei Best drama with Yamapi.

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