Zee Telugu is a channel in GEC segment that has been committed to providing quality entertainment to its viewers. Sean and Matt travel to Las Vegas while Beverly is left at home, bitterly disappointed with the changes that Matt has suggested to the show. Meanwhile, Carol and Morning confront Merc over his infidelity. Retrieved February 16, Retrieved January 2, The Opposite of Us could be in jeopardy as Sean’s former writing partner returns; Beverly is taken to a Golden Globe gift party; Matt bonds with his ex-wife; Carol and Helen connect. After their second dinner date Beverly and Rob kiss. Beverly and Sean are pressured by the network to shift the show’s focus more towards the students, which leads to Matt having a temper tantrum.

However, Matt isn’t satisfied with the direction his career is going, whereas Sean and Beverly work to save The Opposite of Us from being ruined by Tim, the new showrunner assigned by Helen. The chat show also has fun games that will make the audience laugh their heart out. Retrieved February 23, Retrieved December 21, Retrieved June 16, Bela’s mother tries warning her against Vikrant.

#KTUC Season 3 – Nani and Aadhi Pinisetty Promo 2 – Pradeep Machiraju – VideoClip

Retrieved January 5, After having witnessed a huge success in its previous season, Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta is back with the second season in all of its glory on Zee Telugu. Matt tries to get off of Pucks! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, Carol and Morning confront Merc over his infidelity.

Mon, Feb 25, Updated Matt tries to gently persuade Labia to move on, but she refuses and tells him that she will always be there for him, no matter what he looks like or how much money he earns. Beverly is also surprised to learn that Morning Randolph, who plays their central female part, is apparently much older than she looks. Matt has to organise the funeral amidst arguing between Linda and Matt’s mother via the phone.


#KTUC Season 3 – Nani and Aadhi Pinisetty Promo 2 – Pradeep Machiraju

Retrieved February 15, The chat show also has fun games that will make the audience laugh their heart out. Broadcast Audience Research Board.

Sean and Beverly become frustrated with Matt when he stakes his claim as a co-producer of their new show, leading Ktud to embarrass Matt during his appearance on a shopping channel to promote his vests. Matt’s lawyer rings to tell him that Diane is starting proceedings to remove his visitation rights.

Matt is presenting a game show called ‘The Box’, which is a hit. Matt is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he is offended to be the second guest.

With this in mind, the channel is proud to announce this ‘Heart to Heart’ talk show where a celebrity’s life behind the camera is shown.

Sean and Morning have slept together the night before the second week’s dreadful viewing figures are released, with Pucks! Matt’s ex-wife Diane is furious that stalker Labia has turned up at the boys’ school.

At the end of the episode, Carol discovers that she is pregnant with Merc’s baby. On their first day in pre-production Sean and Beverly are told that Julian Bullard, who stars in the British television programme Lyman’s Boyswill need to re-audition for the American adaptation.

Retrieved February 16, Retrieved February 22, Meanwhile, Beverly helps a nervous Carol prepare for her lawsuit against Helen. Retrieved July 12, On 11 DecemberEpisodes was renewed for a nine-episode fourth series which was filmed in [53] and began airing on 11 January Retrieved August 1, The show features celebrities from film industry who have a candid chit chat with the host and make revelations about their personal lives.


Matt begins repossessing every gift he esason Sean and Beverly as his financial situation worsens, and is being forced to take a project with Merc; Carol begins hiding her friendship with Beverly. Matt sits at home morosely filling his face with cheesecake, then drunkenly rings Labia and invites her to visit.

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The morning after Merc’s “Man of the Year” ceremony, Merc goes to Matt’s house to win Jamie back, but doesn’t prevail. This episode of Naagin starts with Vikrant trying to warn Bela against Mahir.

Naagin 3 written update, October 14, Carol insists Merc takes her away for a weekend to celebrate their 5th ‘anniversary’ together. Episofes the pilot episode of Pucks!

Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta – Season 2

After a difficult dinner meeting with Merc, Matt gets drunk and threatens to both leave the show and tell Merc about his affair with Jamie; Beverly pleads with him not to and Matt eventually agrees.

TV by the Numbers. Beverly is surprised Sean now has a Facebook page.

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