Who or Scooby Doo, have codes? I know during Valentines that was the case. Haven’t opened either one yet to see if they’re different at all. So, I finally had success in this area, but as I said, wave 2 was found by just dumb luck. I’m on what…3 or 4 months now I’ve been looking for these guys? Scrapper6 August 1st , Unless manufacturing moves to somewhere near the Atlantic, we’re just going to have to deal with the extra wait.

This portion of the line features individual blind-packaged Kreons. What is Hasbro doing? I’m sure if you posted “anyone want to split a case with me? Not sure if that’s something he can actually see, but that’s the info I got. I ended up turning to eBay to buy my series 2 and series 3 both. The code number for each and every blind bag is printed clearly and largely on the bottom front of each bag, making identifying the Transformers Kreon you want a relative piece of cake especially compared to the nightmare of the LEGO Minifigures bump codes! LegendAntihero January 10th , 8:

Sharktibolt May 17th1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. It would be greatly appreciated! Mine have shipped from there and are waiting with Parcelforce in the uk to be delivered so they’ve had their first wave of stock in at least.

Kreon Micro-Changers In-package pics plus how to identify blind packaged Kreons – Transformers

I changrs shelf tags for the micro changers at Target. The only issue I could foresee with the “feeling” method though is that some parts might feel kinda similar.


Was there at pm and there was only one box out. A story in the Autobot City News reported that scientists were baffled by the appearance of Micro-Changers.

I’ve since ordered Defensor and Piranacon off of Amazon. The people at Hasbro, being the sweethearts that they are, gifted us with the most easy-to-crack code number list in blind-bagging history. The new Kreon Custom Packs! And with these codes, you can pull the exact Transformers Kre-O Series 3 figure you want every single time, be it a Sharkticon or miicro Beast Wars Cheetor!

Noideaforaname January 12th6: Skip to secondary content. As it turns out, all fans and collectors really want were for the small, minifigure-like Kreon Changerrs action figures included with the sets. DecepticonSpike May 17th I would guess BBTS will restock eventually, but if they turn up at retail first, i’ll get my set that way.

Sure, people say they find them in stores, but I’m not convinced. The figures do not transform. Hasbro, please make mlcro products more available!

If I like him enough I’ll probably go for a few others, but for now I’ll just get that little guy.

Micro-Changer – Transformers Wiki

Can you help me to solve the new serial codes from those blindbags? Jotaro Kujo August 13th Hopefully, these exist in the wild for someone to utilize these codes ha. So, an update on my wave 2 hunt. What is Hasbro doing? Squallte September 11th4: Sunstorm’s wings, Crankstart’s pipes, Spinester’s rotors Several Targets and TRUs in the area are carrying wave 3 now except for the two closest to my home, naturally.


Anyway, here’s my wish chxngers for Wave 5. Contents 1 Fiction 1. I will offer this bit cangers advice: You know, the numbers preceding the 2-digit identifier code. Kreon Micro-Changers In-package pics plus how to identify blind packaged Kreons Posted by craggy on July 17th, And they couldn’t use the name Slipstream here for whatever reason, so Slipstrike was the best alternative they had. Look up “The Avengers Rule Super Store” the seller is Member id avengersrule That guy sells singles and you can just choose the one you want rather than having to seriew blind.

Moroni Prime January 10th5: I am getting annoyed cause I changrrs em! Yes friends, more Kre-O release news!


Picked up the whole set at the local Target yesterday. Pimpimus Prime May 17th1: I ended up turning to eBay to buy my series 2 and series 3 both.

Hasbro made a slight coeds when they devised their Transformers Kre-O line of codex in —they assumed people were going to want the actual construction sets. He also passed along to us this helpful guide to the codes on the baggies to help you identify the Kreon inside:

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