Retrieved November 5, Later, Haruka talks with Hiyori about how she should confess to Yoshihisa, eventually realizing she should just let it come naturally. Isekai no seikishi episode 05 sub indo Muhammad Yasin Year ago. The Legacy — Dual! The next evening, as Haruka plans to make a home-made lunch for Yoshihisa, Hiyori has some of her karate members slightly attack Yoshihisa, but it goes disastrously wrong and they end up hospitalizing him. Feeling they can’t rely on the police, Yuriko decides they should find the true culprit themselves. Haruka becomes a recluse when she distances herself from everyone, concluding that she only brings people bad luck.

Although Haruka agrees to help, Yoshihisa objects to it because he doesn’t want to see Haruka getting hurt, leading the two to have a fight, after which Yoshihisa stops visiting the clubroom. Haruka explains how she does not want to go back as she does not want to hurt anyone and attempts to run off again. Anime lamune episode 1 sub indo Cinta Anime 6 months ago. As Yoshihisa decides to look after her, he discovers Haruka’s cold is affecting her mind-reading ability. Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Nightwalker: Outbreak Company BD – Eps. The anime is scheduled to air on July Isekai no seikishi episode 05 sub indo Muhammad Yasin Year ago.

Feeling they can’t rely on the police, Yuriko decides they should find the kotourra-san culprit themselves. Television series Wandering Son Kotoura-san Outbreak Company BD – Eps. As Haruka starts hearing the attacker’s thoughts, Yuriko is attacked by the culprit. Although Haruka agrees to help, Yoshihisa objects to it because he doesn’t want to see Haruka getting hurt, leading the two to have a fight, after which Yoshihisa stops visiting the clubroom.

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Yuriko decides to use Haruka to hold a fortune telling booth, which initially proves difficult when Haruka can’t see her targets, but it soon proves popular once Haruka takes charge. As she has no real understanding of this ability and tends to blurt out everyone’s thoughts, she becomes ridiculed by her classmates and even disowned by her parents, eventually leading her to live alone as a recluse.

While she doesn’t do it alone, he says that there are lots of moments where she “stands for herself” in order to do things she wouldn’t normally do. Haruka Kotoura is a year-old girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds.


Near the end of the date, however, Haruka passes by someone and ends up reading the person’s horrifying and murderous thoughts, the shock of which causes her to fall unconscious. Forte Persona 4: Anime and Manga portal.

Dual-Matrix Blue Gender: A ,otoura-san has passed since Haruka’s disappearance and Yoshihisa has been unable to contact her.

Anime ini berlatar belakang tentang kehidupan seorang siswa Jndo yang menghabiskan waktunya bermain game. Hiyori is introduced, having her dreams shot down by Haruka. As Haruka is unable to face them, she hears Yoshihisa’s desire to be with her, leaving her open to get caught. The gang travel to Haruka’s hometown for summer vacation, though to their surprise, they are taken to an abandoned hospital.

The two visit the police station and vouch for Hiyori’s innocence, which helps calm Hiyori’s nerves. Meanwhile, after recovering from his injury and assuring Yuriko, Daichi deduces that the attacker is in fact Tsukino.

Rental Magica Episode12 sub indo Cinta Anime 4 months ago. Yoshihisa offers her his friendship and vows to stand by her side regardless of the circumstances. To Protect and Serve Dual! Retrieved November 5, As Haruka is chased into a corner on the terrace, Yoshihisa comes to her rescue and manages to ward off Tsukino’s attack.

Things start to change when she starts high school and meets a guy named Yoshihisa Manabe. Martin also praised the musical score, but called the artwork mediocre. The English subtitled release received mixed to mostly kotoura-dan reviews from critics. After being unable to get a hold of Yoshihisa after they get back, Haruka and Yuriko decide to spy on him, discovering he is working at a part-time job for reasons she can’t identify.

Romantic comedyDramaSupernatural. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Ijdo convincing the detective of her ability, he reveals he cannot let Hiyori free until they find tangible evidence, leading to Yuriko to bring up her kltoura-san. The Movie Armitage: Gakuen Babysitter eps 1 sub indo Takuma Kazuma 11 months ago. As word kogoura-san Yoshihisa’s situation reaches the class the next day, Haruka hears Hiyori’s stressed thoughts as she fears being found out by everyone.

Reikenzan – Eichi e no Shikaku – 03 sub indo Kotaro 89 Year ago. After Kumiko leaves, Zenzou offers to call off dinner out of concern for the gang, but they decide to stay.


After Haruka ends up saving Yoshihisa from a speeding truck, she confesses about how her ability ruined her life and left her afraid of hurting those close to her.

Haruka Kotoura is a girl who was born with ESP, the ability to read minds. The series concludes with her confessing her love to Yoshihisa with support from her friends. One guy in particular named Yoshihisa Manabe also eventually takes a romantic interest in her. During the commotion, Haruka learns of Hiyori’s failed confession to Yoshihisa, along with his feelings for Haruka. When Yoshihisa and Yuriko discover her actions towards Haruka, Yoshihisa confronts Hiyori and reveals that he likes Haruka.

Together Forever — Ai no Kusabi Maken-ki! Like ya guys and subrice jangan lupa klik tombol lonceng agar dapat uptade episode selanjutnya Sumber: As Haruka tries to keep the fact that she overheard Yoshihisa’s confession from him, she and the others go to a karaoke place, where it is soon revealed that Haruka is completely tone deaf.

Zero kara episode 03 subtitle indonesia Channel Ku Year ago. Later that night, Hiyori is in total shock after seeing one of her murdered classmates in an alley and screams in agony after seeing her blood on her hands.

Upon returning home, Episodd finds Kumiko waiting for her.

Kotoura-san BD Sub Indo : Episode 1 – 12 (End)

As Kumiko takes a nap, Haruka reads her mind and learns how she really felt at the time she left home. Lovers Again Ai no Kusabi — Bastard!! Years later, Haruka transfers into a new high school. Before heading back home the next day, Haruka kotiura-san her old room and gives thanks to the head priest for his help.

Rokujouma No Shinryakusha Episode 13 Sub Indo

Each of the characters give their two cents on the last episode. Godannar — To Heart: After sharing lunch together and enjoying some fireworks, Haruka gives her thanks to the others for showing her how fun summer vacation can be. As punishment for lying to Haruka, Yuriko sets the two of them up on a date.

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