FoxyMoxie , Oct 20, How evil of Taren and the other chick to nit pick concerning that. BostonMaria , Oct 20, Aug 22, Messages: So a couple of people made video responses weighing in. Verde , Oct 20, Blogs Home Page All Blogs.

Straight up you silly n stupid This is just my personal opinion. Do you already have an account? TaraDyan , Oct 20, She’ll learn it one way or the other. If she telling the truth? May 27, Messages:

LuvlyRain3Oct 20, Like her viewers are literaly 4 years old, all the pauses she makes. Posted on February 5, February 20, I’m glad Taren made the response and stood up for herself. No offense to African Export but it was a topic that had drama written all over it The Integrity of Popular Youtubers.

My take on the Youtube “Drama” – LexiWithTheCurls

Yes, my password is: It’s annoying right now, but I still love the company and their products, so I just deal with it as I understand why they’re doing it to make kimmaytub. This site uses cookies. Who does kimmaytube think she is?

My kindergarten teacher talked like that. In a thread on Youtube Gurus, I recommended both taren and kimmay so I have no real preference between them. I don’t like to get into the whole youtube drama thing but I do have to say this I never liked Kimmaytube because she always came off as extremely arrogant to me.


It looks like people are scared to comment. The tone was so wrong and I actually got frustrated and talked to Taren about it. Watch the response below If constant plugging of one’s brand is that person’s way of doing things, and people love it, so be it. Warning, if you don’t like a lot of cussin’ don’t listen. Please enable JavaScript on your browser or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. How do I feel about it? When people see things like that, it turns people away.

WHOA she went in on Kimmaytube!!!

May 21, Messages: Its just not that serious. Im not a baby, im grown, and I understand what you’re sayin. I wish Kim all the best but I see where Taren is coming from. So it was alot of back and forth.

She’ll learn it one way or the other. Discussion in ‘ The Front Porch! If she does do slight changes, she announces them before hand. Avoiding being on a ‘TLC’ special one jog at a tim. All her videos consistently align with her brand and stated mission.

I saw a couple of Kimmaytube videos, and I wasn’t impressed. She didn’t even acknowledge the fact that she was rude to both Taren and other commenters. Honestly, I think its very very self-centered for her to assume somebody was talkn about her n even if she was, who gives a damn?! The first to pop in my head were prettydimples kimjaytube coilskinksandcurls.


Share This Page Tweet. One Friday, I got everyone together kimmaythbe said, ‘I know we have a lot on our plates and everyone has been doing an awesome job with these long hours of overtime. Most Liked Most Commented.

None of us really know each other even though we may speak in the comment sections of the videos. The only part I don’t agree with, and where it’s not totally clear to me that it actually happenedis that Kimmaytube requested for Taren to remove her video and comments made by other users about that specific video.

People crying about it literally is mind boggling to me. Sometimes, it’s smart to remember why your subscribers became your subscribers.

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