I don’t know, I think I’ll go outside and start a riot. The ending was an open ending. Last season they lost in their last game of the season so I dunno. It made 10th spot on my list. It’s official – Hakuouki has now surpassed Rurouni Kenshin in my book. I think I watched like, episodes of One Piece before thinking ‘Jesus christ, I can’t watch or whatever episodes of this’. I love how they animate nosebleeds.

Oh well, that totally counts in the Shaft coefficient so maybe it won’t shock you as muchif you rewatch it. I also love the scene in ep4 when the satellite heads to the Earth and he swings the bat. But i gave it a try and it was so good! I don’t watch many sports anime. I love how they animate nosebleeds. It was a hard task selecting who would land a spot in my Top 10 Hottest Anime Guys list as I consider personality to be a key criterion in DTB is okay, confusing as hell though imo lol Guess I got a lot to look forward to this week. But then the ending was disappointing.

Her voice is too deep. If you are not fed up of vampires then I recommend this anime!

Still can’t decide on the love-triangle though. It is so sweet. Only watch if you like reverse harem. Yeah, Strawberry Panic looks more like a drama than a comedy.

Best MyAnimeGirls ^ ^ images in | Manga anime, Anime art, Anime girls

It’s very funny, and Shaft, so very pretty as well. Back to the content ‘anime polls week 12’.

Okay so I just watched the first episode and But I’m not kidding, it really exists. We haven’t seen him for a while.


Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 10 | Anime & Manga 4 All

I have a very short attention span If you don’t mind Shounen Ai then it is a good anime to watch with romance. Movie Each episode is only 5 minutes long but it is good to watch.

God, I have to wait until tomorrow for the english sub of Akuma no Riddle, my life is so animeqaffles oh todok I can get through this night, plenty to do. I’m already not a big fan of action, so mecha action I thought there would be more romance in this film. I really couldn’t give less of a crap about cars, but my grandmother made a gigantic lunch for everyone, so I guess that was nice.

Well, it’s my fault so I’ll wait.

There are so many unanswered questions! I just have one more test to do tomorrow today now, technicallyand then I can pretty much just laze around for the rest of the term before holidays – plus we have a whole bunch of new shows coming out.

Did not think it would be my cup seson tea at all but strangely I like this It is slow-paced but it does have it’s own charm for a relaxing anime. I really like Laura Bailey. Ouran so far is – well it’s a shoujo harem, so you may find parts of it difficult to watch, but it’s actually pretty funny, and for a comedy I actually thought the serious moments were naimewaffles well done.

I’ve seen people rocketting from their chair during school It was actually not bad to watch though.


Pandora Hearts Specials Specials. But it can be your comedy break between 2 bloody marathonings. Really, it looks intersting, it stays on my famous-stuff-to-watch-later list. I’m not eeason expecting them to win this one, freakin’ purple haired giant dude is strong It’s alright, I don’t really mind if someone else takes longer than me to answer, I’m aware that I type fast and such The English and Japanese polls will be different, so I can’t really allow top 10s I’m afraid.

Kimi Ni Todoke S02 E10

The adaptation Blue sky however was a bit too cheesy for my liking. Yeah, there are some shows I can watch like, the first 10 minutes of and tell I’m not going to like I longed all day to be able to download the OST, but it’s actually the instru of a song, and it doesn’t exist officially Yeah, the rest of your top 10, full of dead or psychotic people!! The ending wasn’t that good though. I have plenty to talk about. This anime is really really good. Renaissance Reverse Harem and the main girl isn’t always 100 saved!

Gotta go to school now, cya.

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