Suiri No Kizuna I really like this anime but I did find it a bit confusing but still really good to watch! It’s highly recommended to watch. Renaissance Reverse Harem and the main girl isn’t always needing saved! This was an ok anime. Tokyo Babylon Prequel Rated Mature. I don’t dislike it but don’t love it either.

So all is well. The movie was not too bad as well. I only really watched this because the main guy character Seiyuu is the same person who voiced Tsuruga Ren Skip Beat! The ending was ok and left opened with a possibility of continuing. Very short episodes not even 5 minutes long , guess it’s an okay way to pass time if you are bored. I really like this anime even though some of the scenes are totally exaggerated and sexual. Hope there will be a next season.

Such a sweet anime! The main character did seem a bit over powered though but it was not too bad to watch. The singing voice is good but does get a bit repetitive in only singing that one song. I found it a bit confusing. Kataomoi Special Shoujo Romance! Hmm, many people either loved this anime or hated it with a passion. It wouldn’t be one of the top recommendations though. It is so sweet.

Its not too bad to watch. Such a good anime. Some parts does have brutal scenes but if you don’t mind watching it then it is recommended!! Did not think it would be my cup of tea at all but strangely I like this The ending was random just like the whole of the anime but good. Open ending but it has made me start reading the manga: I like this anime, it is quite funny to watch as well as quite emotional. Makes you want to learn to play an instrument! But this one is actually really good and has comedy in it.



Sengoku Night Blood I thought i would like it because the characters looks good, but i didn’t really like this. Extra Edition Special There is a novel for this Anime. Personally, I didn’t like it. The ending was nice as well. Highly recommended cause you will be rooting for the main character before you know it.

Still can’t decide on the love-triangle though. Such a cute anime.

All Anime I’ve watched – Anime

Will watch the anime later. I first started watching this due to the Seiyuus. She actually tries her best to help and I actually root for her!

Sword Eplsode The Stranger. So funny at parts! Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? If you don’t mind Shounen Ai then it is a good anime to watch with romance. It is not a bad anime to watch, just felt as if the main character teams were overpowering, the fight scenes probably could have been more exciting. There was some cheesy moments in this but it’s actually ok to watch.


Khiki-Khuki: Anime

The Animation A really good anime to watch. Judge End Funny anime. Gakuen Alice and Yumeiro Patissiere. I don’t dislike it but don’t love it either.

The ending didn’t seem like it ended either. Kazehaya, who is chatting with his middle school friend Kurumi, sees her from a window.

Liked the art of it too. Kyoto Ranbu Movie 1. If you like Action, then this anime is good. This anime is goooood!!! JiTime and patience is all I need to make this blog nicer. The ending just stops halfway so seems like there will be a second season maybe. Kanadegumi 1 episode long. Art was really nice and emotional scenes. I will never claim credit for any icons, wallpapers, pictures or images used here. Some scenes were quite touching but some scenes just seemed to be so long and dragged out.

I enjoyed watching this. Yes I watched this for the art Hope there will be a next season. The seiyuus are amazing as well as the characters! Junjou Romantica 1,2,3 Spin-off.

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