I don’t think so Then she messes with the room. I love that the setup is dramatic, but the tone is farce. Kiss Me Thai Drama. I don’t care for ratings as long as it doesn’t suck that bad to have plugs pulled on. He finds a female doctor and he brings her back to his own time. I hope that they would be able to maintain the promising performance they’ve shown.

Hot Young Bloods Korean Movie. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like the girl he loved and that passed away… Well this sounds really interesting! Love Shuffle Japanese Drama. And on top of this her friend works with Kang Min and she knew that he had this disease, that it is contagious, and she chose not tell Ji Hyun about. Now she has no one she feels. But then why is he still there? You might think she should have changed being reborn again and again but sadly no.

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Shoot My Heart Korean Movie. Kagi eoisode Kakatta Heya Japanese Drama. Mad Dog Korean Drama. Eun-Young with an aunt that she starts to call mom. So now Ji Hyun is very angry at her friend and at her boss he also hexrts about what disease Kang Min has.


He tells her to stop with the frivolous things, only to do a double take at the sight of a girl group dancing on another billboard.

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I’m hooked as of now and praying that the story stays strong for the entire run. He slowly approaches, as the figure starts to write something into the frost on the window: I have left out some parts of the story so go to Kimchi Drama and look at it your self!

You’re My Pet Korean Movie. Unmasked Noise Japanese Movie. Mischievous Kiss The Movie: Drama Special Series Season 3: Coffee Prince Korean Drama.

From Small Town Girls to U. Hospital Ship Korean Drama.

I love that the setup is dramatic, but the tone is farce. The other theory is that it happens because the prince has figured out his purpose to go in to the future. The Fatal Encounter Korean Movie. Chicago Typewriter Korean Drama.

This first ep of “The King 2Hearts” had my heart thumping like crazy!!! Her Granddaughter Japanese Movie. A Poem a Day Korean Drama. Don’t Click Korean Movie. City Hunter Korean Drama. Apr 2, at 4: Mostly because it took a lot of energy from me, because the story was so sad. The raw managed to make me laugh and the recap made me laugh harder, now I just need the subbed episode to make me totally invested!!


Monster Romance Thai Drama.

Goong S Korean Drama. Ha ji Won is indeed a super woman. The little boy gets the heebie jeebies just thinking about it, even at that age, and declares that he does NOT want kibg that annoying pressure and meddling.

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Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Apr 12, at 7: Volcano High Korean Movie. The Legendary Lackey Korean Special. Ji Won, did not know even your voice can change so much, from wispy murderous pillow talk to locker room badaxx swearing.

I am Your Teacher Korean Drama. I Need Romance 3 Korean Drama. All I can hope for right now is that it sticks to the tone and not do a complete and turn into another MWTS. The King has orderd them to get her back.

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