Brianna steals Kick’s beloved first stunt bike, which she ultimately uses to compete in a pageant party to beat her pageant rival, Penelope Patterson. O Diretor da escola chama a Sra. Kick is roped into dog sitting Oskar while his mom and Oskar’s owner, Ms. Now Kick must get the band back together in time to play or he will lose the garage to Brad along with so much more. He helps them put back in business by creating the most awesome restaurant in Mellowbrook, the BattleSnax! The only way for them to save it is by outsmarting him.

During a heat wave, Kick and his friends head to the Mellowbrook Community pool. This page was last edited on 23 November , at Harold, Kick’s father forces Kick to take piano lessons, which leads to Kick’s another wild escape. After sneaking out of the house to see the new Rock Callahan movie, Kick arrives home to find that his dad has installed a new security system and must dismantle this extreme robot before his dad wakes up. Now to get Brad his job back he must race Gordon Gibble and win. Views Read Edit View history. Um Natal com o Primo Kyle: His grandfather tells him all about it.

Ed O’Neill as Grandpa. Will he be forced to choice between the lesser of two evils before Mellowbrook Elementary is torn apart? After being entrusted with the task of hiding the parents anniversary present and an incident with Brad, Kick “loses” his mother’s anniversary present at a swap meet and must track it down before it’s sold, along with his fathers trust in him.

List of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil episodes

After one too many of the Principal’s sandwiches is ruined primarily from Kick’s antics, he calls Ms. Clay Morrow Ed Baker. When Brad gets a new girlfriend, Kelly, Kick soon finds out she is just using him for a cheer leading initiation stunt, which is throwing a huge pile of junk on Brad live on the stage while he is performing a song for her. When they are trapped in the store after hours, they must find a way to escape before the wacky store manager makes them employees for life.

Dead Man’s Roller Coaster: Gunther must keep Brad and Kick’s dad detained while all 3 are at the hospital, due to an encounter with portugeus swarm of angry bees on Brad. But when lifeguards Shannon Joanna Garcia and Episodess, who has a crush on her, force Kick and his friends to stay in the kiddie pool, Kick leads his friends in a battle for freedom and fun.

Kick, Harold and Brad continue their annual tradition of telling scary stories during a campout, but this portuguess, Kick’s story is so scary that the boys begin to fear it has come true. After a second Botched Reenactment when Kick tries to set the record straight by having Gunther do the reenactment instead of him, Gunther is now being mistaken for an ancient Viking warrior when he along with Kick’s Family visits the Old Mick.


After a dispute over the last slice of pizza ensues between the Buttowski siblings, a precious item of their mothers is destroyed her favorite picture of the three of them.

When Oskar actually eats his first copy, he must now do two months worth of homework questions in less than 6 minutes, or he will fail the class. As manobras mais perigosas: Kick is torn between two promises to help Gunther and Billy Stumps with eppisodes shows at 7: Kick finds himself torn between making his grandma happy by wearing the embarrassing outfit or risk hurting her feelings by not wearing it.

Kick and Brad are watching their dad’s car, “Monique.

Can Kick save their friendship before it’s too late? This does not stop Kick and Gunther from trying to get into the party to score some of Senor Brad’s “famous” nachos. Now normally that wouldn’t be so bad, but the Juliet of the play is Kendall. Kick can’t get a wink of sleep when Wacky Jackie and Cousin Kyle compete over who is his 1 fan and throw him a celebration in honor of his latest stunt.

Kick portugjes Gunther seek a legendary giant goldfish which Epissodes plans to harness for the ultimate wave-boarding experience with the help of their neighbor Mr. When Wade is promoted kkck the Food ‘N Fix and has moved out from buttowskl store in the company, Kick and Gunther try to un-promote Wade so that they can be best buds again. Harold, Kick’s father forces Kick to take piano lessons, which leads to Kick’s another wild escape.

It is revealed in this episode that Kendall and Ronaldo are in a secret and as shown in this episode and later episodes, possibly strained relationship with each other.

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Mas Kick faz um acordo: Kick e Gunther entraram e o Wade sumiu, o inspetor vai fechar o Comida e Conceito. Kick keeps trying to show everyone that he can beat Dead Man’s Drop ramp. Kick has to save his dad’s birthday when the ice cream truck breaks down, and must prevent a group of 3rd Street Bandits from getting their hands on some extremely rare and delicious ice cream, the Cowboy Kelly Bars. Rather than be grounded, Kick decides to fix it himself, while Gunther runs interference.

Pelo Amor de Gunther: Rico Rodriguez as Luigi Vendetta.

Portugies only way for them to save it is by outsmarting him. A Cousin Kyle Christmas: No entanto, quando Brad bloqueia Kick em seu quarto, ele e seu melhor amigo, Gunther, planejam seu plano de fuga.

His grandfather tells him all about it.


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When Kick accidentally breaks Gunther’s viking clock, he replaces it butowski playing with Jackie, then at the end Kick discovers Gunther has more than one!

Kick is roped into dog sitting Oskar while his mom and Oskar’s owner, Ms. Kick, Brad and Harold get stuck in a cold freezing attic together with no way out, or is there?

A while later, she starts to disturb his stunts and Kick finally sees that Jackie is crazy.

Kick Buttowski – Luigi Vendetta

Obtida de ” https: The only barrier that is in his way is his older brother Brad, who wants to keep him inside the house so he could take another driver’s test. Uma menina chamada Jackie, se muda para a rua de Kick.

Kick and Gunther, with the help of Wade, set out to rescue students stranded on a school bus in a snowstorm, while Jick, the class president, tries to take control over the situation. O Quarto do Brad: After a change in class units from Dodge-ball to Dance Appreciation with Mr.

Kick must team up with some unlikely allies to bring her down and escape detention,including Ronaldo and Kendall. But when he learns that his new mentor Papercut Peterson has bullying issues of his own, Kick must prove to his new teacher that every underdog has their day.

Kick meets the daredevil stunt double of Teena Sometimes named Scarlett Rosetti. Kick must help Gunther “get the girl” when all she truly “loves” is a daredevil. However, there is an obstacle, the “rustic campsite”, is too civilized for his liking.

Chicarelli para controlar Kick mas acaba controlando todos os alunos. When Kick sees he is the only guest at her party, he decides to throw her the most awesome party ever, The only thing he forgot about is Kick performs another dangerous stunt and falls off a cliff with Gunther, finding and creating an awesome hangout, which Brad and his friends kick them out of, which has Kick and Gunther repeatedly trying to retake from them.

Vickle due to interference from the school nurse and narrowly avoiding having to dance with Jackie, Kick now has to dance with his arch nemesis, Kendall or he along with her will fail gym class, and have to compete against a captive and unhappy Gunther and an angry and scorned Jackie in a Dance-off.

Since Gunther is out one camera the only one they have knowledge of, is in the service, and in the hands of

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