Khirbet is a work of dualities and contradictions; reader and narrator are pulled this way, that way, and then this way as well. You cannot read Khirbet Khizeh without experiencing — “body to body” — as a tragedy for the Palestinians. This is the story of a young Israeli soldier who is on duty and on that day finds himself battling on two fronts: More important is that the consequences of what happened at places like Khirbet Khizeh are still headline news, which makes this short, powerful book a work of prophecy and not so much about history. It Happened a Long Time Ago. By then the dispute had become more overtly political. In July , Israel’s education ministry announced that the term nakba , introduced two years previously into Palestinian-Israeli textbooks, was to be removed on the grounds that its use was tantamount to spreading propaganda against Israel.

Everything took on a new dimension, areas were opened and closed, and it appeared there was something that had almost been forgotten but actually seemed solid, and you could lean on it — until the next moment, as its being became real, suddenly here was the checkerboard of fields, plowed and verdant”. The fact that the book was ahead of its time is a benefit and a disadvantage. I hope they understand the culture and the development, and become familiar with the basic texts of the Israeli story,” says Benziman. Yizhar’s offence is therefore double — first to imply that the Jews are perpetrating against the Palestinians the cruelties of their own history, and that the nation is invoking divine sanction in order to do so. There, it’s the beauty and purity of youth, and here it’s Gidi Gov with glasses that fall off all the time. It is a burden that Yizhar repeatedly refuses — or rather finds himself unable — to bear:

Only luck, or incompetence, prevents them from killing anyone. Some of the villagers plead with the soldiers, relying on the Jews’ reputation of fair-mindedness, only to be disabused of this notion, but most get going “as soon as they heard the first cry, in an orderly, compact, obedient crowd without any protest,” or, elsewhere, like a “flock of sheep,” suspecting “that they were all being led to the slaughter.

On move other hand, Dr. Khirbet is a work of dualities and contradictions; reader and narrator are pulled this way, that way, and then this way as well.


We were the masters now. Unlike the other soldiers in his unit, the narrator knows that this story is not going to go away.

It was planted in the minds of Israelis and it grew. Between the ban and its subsequent overturning, Likud was elected and a rightwing government came to power. Yizhar’s vision is oblique in Khirbet Khizehas it is in another famous story, “The Prisoner”, in his magnum opus Days of Tziglakwhich follows a battalion during the war, as well as in the three-part memoir that started to appear in after a literary silence of nearly 30 years.

“Khirbet Khizeh: A Novel” by S. Yizhar— It Happened a Long Time Ago | Reviews by Amos Lassen

Could this be response to ‘Arab incitement on campuses’? But in response to the khirbett of lhirbet film, in a article published in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharanot, he insisted that, while not movif representing a “totality of events”, it was true: Students in Benziman’s class Photo: By the end of it,Palestinians had become refugees. The fact that the book was ahead of its time is a benefit and a disadvantage.

No blood is shed that day, only the khorbet of normal, day-to-day behavior. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable khibret.

A proposal in the s that the story be included in the new civics class, which would have ensured that it was discussed as history, was never implemented. In Khirbethe is a man at war with himself, as he tries to reconcile the rights of the Jews with the rights of the Palestinian villagers, the landscape as it is now, and which he loves Yizhar, David Shulman notes in his fine Afterword, is “perhaps the greatest poet of Palestinian landscape in modern Hebrew”and the way the landscape will change once the Jews take over and build it up: Yizhar who dared to write a book about them.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Early indirector Ram Levi persuaded the Israel Broadcasting Authority to sponsor a made-for-television movie of the novella, and filming got underway by spring.

Knesset lobby recruits Christian ‘ambassadors’ to counter pro-Palestinian campaigns khiret Israel on overseas campuses. But no, how can one better understand mindless acts? This is from whence its relevance comes still. Another key figure in this movement is Dr. To me it seems that this is a book that cried out to be written.


Test your knowledge How much do you know about the Palestinians? Views Read Edit View history. We’re khhizeh them to their side… It’s very decent of us”do their job, but it is clear that they would rather be killing and getting killed, anything but facing these villagers. He documented the places where expulsions occurred and what he found made its way into textbooks and general knowledge.

Both books are known by the controversy they caused and during the course of this review, I think kgizeh will understand what I mean by that.

‘Khirbet Khizeh’ is a haunting fictional take on the Arab-Israeli war

Get journalism built for thinkers like you. Neither of these stories has canceled the other out, and peace in the region may not come until each side grants the other the legitimacy of its narrative.

Opposing the ban on “Khirbet Khizeh,” MK Yossi Sarid declared that “the flag of freedom of speech in Israel has been lowered to half-mast; it’s going to take a lot to hoist it back up again.

The story was now seen as damaging Israel’s image movei itself. In order to tell the Israeli narrative, I teach the authors from the mainstream.

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The village is awakened by a machine-gunner who peppers the village with bullets. Yizhar continues the biblical tradition with prose that is poetic and filled with longing. Paradoxically, he does this by focusing not on the Arab civilians but on the Israeli soldiers, who khhirbet driven less by anger than by the exhausted, callous indifference typical of soldiers everywhere.

The law effectively criminalises the right of the Palestinian people to remember.

Kyirbet website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. A Novel By S. In fact, by the standards of 20th-century war crimes, the events in Khirbet Khizeh are tame.

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