They are the children of close friends and business partners – Pranay Shergill and Inder Shah. Kayamath S1E84 Episode 1. Gayatri gets a job for Prachi; she is very happy. Kayamath S1E41 Episode 1. Namune — Comedy 6. A talent show for children where they are judged for their acting capabilities.

Kaali Shaktiyon Se Season 2 Upcoming. All All 0 Dislike 0. Their father Inder once had an extramarital affair with Amrita Ayesha’s mother while he was married to Premlata Prachi’s mother. The show, which focuses on the happenings within the household of an Udaipur based Rajasthani family, is produced by Rajan Shahis Directors Kut Productions. Kayamath S1E83 Episode 1. Naman kidnaps him and states that hell release him after a few days, after he gets Naitiks signature on the documents and he threatens Naitik not to go against him or hell harm Naitiks family.

Belan Wali Bahu — 20 min Comedy 6.

The two get into a scuffle, during which Mallika stabs and kills Ayesha. This show gained much popularity. It shows how Naksh falls in love with Tara 35 soon breaks up with her, few years later The show takes another leap which focuses on teenager Naira, who flees from her house and lives in Rishikesh.

Savitri S1E59 Episode 1. However, with Bua’s help, Milind foils Pranay’s plans. Kayamath S1E75 Episode 1.

Kayamath – Episode : Milind escapes from the hospital. |

Kayamath S1E8 Episode 1. Agent raghav — 45 min Crime 6. Prachi wants to thank the stranger personally and goes kauamath his room. Tags kayamath episode prachi panchi brings milind out coma.


epissode Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Meanwhile, Kartik proposes to Naira in Kayamtah, and she is confused, Naira initially refuses Kartiks proposal, which hurts him deeply. Kumkum Bhagya S1E87 Pragya drunks and abhi gets her home Before she could take advantage of the situation, Ayesha shows up. Kayamath S1E23 Episode 1. Milind, who had moved to Turkey to make money, re-enters the story as a millionaire. Kayamath S1E60 Episode 1. Laagi Tujhse Lagan – Episode dated 17 November Kayamath S1E9 Episode 1.

Pranay gets sentenced in the court, while Milind and Prachi live happily.

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epispde Kayamath S1E91 Episode 1. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation. Mihir treats Raman as his brother, Shagun and Ashoks marriage is cancelled. Savitri S1E45 Episode 1.

She meets a Bengali couple – Proteek Dasgupta and his wife Panchi, who are travelling with their infant. Kayamath S1E89 Episode 1.

Prachi, with Ayesha’s ghost inside her, behaves suspiciously. The spirit tells Prachi that she will get into her body and live as Milind’s wife. Video file is corrupt and is not playable. On Sumonto’s birthday, Prachi gives him a gold chain she had made for Milind.


She made her comeback in May in a special episode, inshe also played the mythological character Sita in Zee TVs Ramayan. Kayamath S1E63 Episode 1. Sanjeeda Sheikh is an Indian actress who works in the Hindi television industry. Alaap, though married to Sukriti, is having an affair with a woman called Kamya.

However, she fulfills all the duties of a wife without hesitation and quietly puts up with Milind’s misbehaviour.

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Lazy, affable Titu’s charm sweeps Panchi, the girl-next door off episdoe feet. On the day Prachi and Proteek are to marry, the latter stops the wedding and says that he knows the truth about Milind. Inder abandoned Amrita and went back to Premlata for the sake of the newborn Prachi. Kumkum Bhagya S1E Episode 1. Savitri S1E42 Episode 1.

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Milind takes her out to Shimla on a holiday. Dasgupta come to the hospital after knowing what Panchi Panchi did. Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo — Fantasy 6. Kayamath S1E54 Iayamath 1. Dil Se Dil Tak — 20 min Drama 6.

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