So others can find this clip. Also, kapoor and sons, jai gangaajal, ki and ka, and fan when they release on dvd? Pick where the clip starts Unlimited free DVD please Eamil me. Both are illogical movies.. I found it unconventional. Advertisement – opens new tab.

It’s been a while since it released. I am reading comments on this. Been-there-done-that kind of predictable script with mediocre execution. So others can find this clip. Thanks for uploading it Admin. Moe sorry to say we did not get rights for Fitoor.

You sound more like a clown dude, you first need to learn how to respect others than tell them how to write a polite message. Bastia please continue watching in einthusan.

Only thing about movie is music. Advertisement – opens new tab. The storys ending are bad bc it was meanless, I thought it finthusan be some kind of relationship between Shruti and the guy. All other movies after dvd release only we can try fitoor,tamasha,katti batti-we did not get rights.

R i asked so many times for these movies einthuswn only me but a lot of other people so i wanted to say while they upload movies like this ,the onlime upload movies we requested! Actors are poorly performed and movie is completely predictable. A man focused on his career finds solace when he reunites with his childhood sweetheart. People who don’t like this movie they can stop watching movie rather than passing comments on each other.


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The only thing I loved is the music. She should just quit after both of her directorial disasters. Upload dilwale and please! Upload tamasha i requested u to upload please! I literally wait nowadays to watch a movie until you guys upload it.

Sara it is working fine. It’s been a while since it released.

Slow down…

Divya khosla einthuaan simply can’t direct movies. Just watch the movies uploaded here without fuss. First Yaariyaan and then this. Wedding Pullav shows the story of two best friends Diganth and Anushka Ranjan who are in love but they themselves are unaware of it. I really liked the movie for a fun evening. Some1 plz slap her and bring her back to reality. Tired of looking at the same thing over 3 weeks now. No originality to any part of the movie, but sometimes u just want to be in a dreamlike movie.

I wud rate this movie 0 if I cud. All those you listed just recently or are not yet released.

Wedding Pullav () Hindi in HD – Einthusan

This is a fun, lighthearted romantic comedy with batyi enough singing and dancing centered around love, family, and friends. Can you please upload neerja now? I found it unconventional. Guys chill, einthusan is an amazing website if any of u have something against it then find another god damn website like. What were they thinking?

Don’t waste time in watching this. It’s okay to ask for specific movies, but lose the rude attitude, please! Aaana Abhinav there was no retail dvd release internationally.


I think I was given what I was promised with this movie. Same old storyline and very predictable – pretty average performances So others can find this clip. Can you einthysan upload heroine with kareena kapoor pleasseeeee: Both are illogical karti. This is light and good relaxing movie.

Also, I tried watching Madras Cafe in Blu Ray but it kept freezing, is there any way you guys can upload the regular dvd? Ok movie, but what matters is that the admins listened on what we asked for: Moe sorry to say we did not get rights for Fitoor.

Join the discussion contains spoiler. Divya Katfi Kumar has to learn a lot. Only the direction is poor. I happened across this little gem of a movie. Give me back my last 1: The location Thailand where the movie is shot is beautiful I’d like to recommend the movie ‘Kya Kehna’ for upload The Wedding Pullav T May be he learns from this one and gets better next time. Advertisement – opens new tab.

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