Bani stays away from Jai, but she has a feeling that Jai is somehow related to the wedding she’s catering for. Bani searches for a job, but she discovers the Jai Walia has forbidden anyone to give her a job. However, things may take a drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani’s one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh. When they return back to the Walia Mansion, they find out Jai is hosting a party for his new engagement. As Jigyasa worries, Karuna searches for Jigyasa’s hidden money.

Bani and Jai leave the mansion to get Ganga’s medicine, but their car breaks down. However, Pushkar’s actions greatly upsets Sahil’s older brother. As Rano returns to Mumbai, the family worries over Krishna However, after the parents find out Ganga has no idea of her father, things become a bit hectic until Jai Walia and Meera enter the school. Jigyasa tells Bani and Meera the truth. Although Bani can know stay with her canteen, the thakurain still throws her out and accuses her of being promiscous. However, the next morning Jai accepts Meera as his only wife. Bani wakes up to break her fast as Bani Walia, not Pronita.

Although Bani is worried over the money for Ganga’s admission, Meera secretly helps her by paying the money. Jai is furious about the pictures of Krishna and Atharva that Ganga unknowingly brings, and disrupts the party.

Meanwhile, Bani makes an agreement with Meera and decides to live in the outhouse, which greatly frightens Jigyasa.

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In his loneliness, he gets a heart attack and his daughters rush him to the hospital. As Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, Meera realizes her place is somewhere else. Bani tries to enter the outhouse but Jigyasa tells her to leave. Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a kasxm pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury.

Thanks to Pia, Bani finds out that Aditya killed her children. Once Jai finds out what has happened, he arranged for the blood transfusion. However, Jigyasa and Karuna both see Daksh in the streets, and he soon committs a sacrifice to help Bani.


Bani has blood cancer, and is going to die. Meanwhile, Meera’s talkative sister comes to the Walia mansion for her engagement party. Bani and Pushkar go to Mount Abu for some business, and she realizes her house has been sold. After seventeen years, Jai and Bani have a proper meeting and fall in love all over again. As Bani tries to make Pia change her mind, Jigyasa tries to do the same thing to Jai.

Rashi prays for Ranvir to come back into her life, and Rano is perplexed at her desires. Meanwhile, Jai confesses to Jigyasa that he feels Bani has returned to Mumbai which greatly upsets her.

Kasamh Se – Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #4 –

Pia plans on telling the family that Meera killed Krishna, Atharva, and Bani but Meera blackmails her and says if she does anything, Veer will be hurt. The three sisters soon realize that they are not welcomed at all by Jai’s younger sister, Jigyasa, but they are allowed to stay at their outhouse. Soon, Bani discovers she’s pregnant and the entire family is in joy. Bani spends the day praying at the temple for Ganga’s well-being, and the family tries to overcome this horrid fact.

Walia about his own money. Meera finally plans to kill Bani once and for all, but Jigyasa reveals herself to protect her. Unfortunately, Pushkar become shattered when he finds out that Pia is marrying his boss. A lot has changed since then. Ranvir blackmails Bani into signing some papers and meanhwile, Pia is invited by Pushkar to visit his house later in the evening. After signing these mysterious papers, Bani knows its time to talk to Pushkar about Pia’s marriage.

Bani tries to find out what relation Jai has to the wedding, but she cannot find any evidence. Bani is forced to serve epksode drinks on a small plate, and she has a tearful reunion with her family, especially her younger sister, Rano.

With Mahi, the black witch, entering the mansion more trouble begins. Six months have passed since Bani’s death.


Ganga is able to save Jai from being crushed by the chandelier but she becomes upset when he doesn’t thank her. Episode 27 Episode And how will Jai react seeing his ex-lover?

Although Bani quickly rejects his proposal, Jigyasa tries to persuade Bani to marrry him. Bani leaves the Episodd mansion after Jai kicks her out and blamed the death of the kids on her. Meanwhile, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani’s one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh.

Jai uses Meera as a way to make Bani jealous and humiliated, which causes Meera to think Jai truly loves her. Meanwhile, Ganga celebrates her sixth birthday and Meera tries to find happiness on her own birthday.

Jigyasa tells Bani and Meera the truth. Pia and Rano rush to jail to see Bani, and Pia then seeks Pushkar so that he could free her from jail. Despite all their hopes and wishes, Krishna and Atharva, who reunited Bani and Jai after five years, are murdered. Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, and Rano gets disturbed by the fact that Rashi visits Ranvir. Episode 17 Episode Episode 28 Episode Episode 16 Episode At the office, Jai announces a new business project which will be head by Pushkar, and assisted by Bani.

However, Vidya, Rashi’s daughter, also invites Ganga. Episode 29 Episode As Ganga dances on the dance floor, she meets Rahul. Bani cannot forget about her kaeam, but she knows its for the best. Shocked by this revelation, Meera takes this opportunity to finish what she started seventeen years ago: Bani learns that the Walia mansion is going to distribute food to the poor, and she plans to go there to put some kumkum on Ganga.

Meanwhile, a new Jai Walia runs his business elsewhere.

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