Is it possible to ‘Avada Kedavra’ oneself? Years later, the dark lord controls the magic population and acquired a small, seemingly human being with green, green eyes that he jealously kept with him. Circle Instinct by lye tea reviews History repeats. Ectopic by lye tea reviews Sometimes, he’s tired of watching. Instincts make the road there short: Add to My List. Written for a friend’s prompt. Namechange due to the AU, slice of life, madness later on.

Primal tender reviews GinGrimm. Effigy by lye tea reviews A chance encounter. No matter what the circumstances are, the comatose condition always ends with a femme fatale. He stumbles upon a pirate captain that might just be the one he’s seeking. Thrice he lured him reviews Neither admitted they understood the meaning of it until it was too late. M – English – Suspense – Chapters:

Anis finds him and the Rose Princess finally gives in to her true nature. Lui by TiredRobyn reviews Je meurs.

T – English – Angst – Chapters: DoflamingoxOC, character death, abundance of foul language.

Best ✨YAOI ✨ images | Boyxboy, Kisses, Manga anime

Caricature by lye tea reviews Irony in the name of the greater good. On Anime watch list: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Overall 8 Story 8 Art 10 Character 7 Enjoyment 9. Straight or gay, swing it either way.

Please note that ‘Not yet published’ titles are excluded. Femme Fatale by lye tea reviews Drabbles.


Friends Wrathion likes using his mouth a bit too much, and Anduin is helpless against him. IzaRoppi in the end, sci-fi, some violence, non-mainstream interpretation of Roppi’s character, AU Durarara!! And when the Fates deliver him to her, the world will never be the same again.

Yaoi, graphic smut, IzaRoppi rarepairing. To his surprise all it takes is a cunning fox’s touch to draw a howl from the silent wolf. Yagami rarely left the house, or why Light was so adamant on the revival of justice. Brothers reviews A glimpse into a nightly game of twin brothers. Worth the Wait reviews Tyrande and Malfurion finally got married, and the fresh wife is impatient.

Kasa no Shita, Futari

M – English – Tragedy – Chapters: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Saccharine Song by Banri reviews “We’re the same, Shintarou, through and through. Tokyo in flames reviews Too short to be a real story, mad Izaya drabble.

Killua Zoldyck suffered his desire. Overall 8 Story 8 Art 9 Character 8 Enjoyment 9.

Harry Potter – Rated: One Piece – Rated: Doubt reviews Killua is worried, Gon proves it’s pointless. GinRyuuken, crazy AU, incest, smut. Hunter X Hunter – Rated: A small aside developed from Touched and First Contact, chapters Can’t ignore Mutsuki’s moan when getting slapped.

But far away, cv a forest that no one seems drma know about is a young man with green, green eyes who might be what everyone needs, or fears. EION All reviews 9 people found this review helpful. Namechange due to the AU, furari of life, madness later on.


Barajou no H reviews Alternative Timeline: Alexander and Augustus by lye tea reviews Corruption is a slow-burning game. Vampire reviews Rooftops are so last summer, cellars are the new groove, or so Grimmjow thought.

Just In All Stories: Hueco Mundo, almost-canon setting. He can’t keep a girlfriend, because being a kept man’s too much of a hassle, and he can’t bring himself to fall in love and please his woman.

Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit? Thrice he lured him reviews Neither admitted they understood the meaning of it until it was too late.

Kasa no Shita, Futari

Age reviews Drabble about Kaiba Seto and his favourite piano piece. Instincts make the road there short: Scheherazade by lye tea reviews Every night, he tells her a story. Primal tender reviews GinGrimm.

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