The main operational unit of this force is the section, consisting of 5 to 10 men. They were in their farm hut with two other villagers. We also had the problem of not having any rice at that time so I had to find rice. While he was working on his pond, they went and called him and then killed him without asking any questions. I only know the name of one of the group commanders, his name is Bo Nagah. They said it was for the price of a pass from their Army camp.

If there are three posts near your village for sentry duty, 9 villagers must go with 3 at each post. These fees are given various names such as porter fees, sentry fees, pagoda fees, road fees, and development fees, but the names are simply invented by the officers as an excuse to extort money. We had to go once a month and we had to take our own food. They stay in many different villages in groups of 4 or 5, and they walk during the night. As for the boys, they shot them. So if there is one person in your house then half of that person should work for us, and if there are two people then one should work for us. When we asked people they said he would come back, but later we heard that he died.

In December they ordered the villagers to build a storehouse for the bean crop, but before this could happen the KNLA attacked their camp and burned many of the beans and the wood for the storehouse. The regional commander held a meeting and told them they had to kill 30 people each month in each township.

When our children were ill, we went to buy medicine for them and had to hide the medicine on the way back. If we bring back medicine, even pills, they give us the death sentence. We took them 25 baskets of paddy but they only paid for 22 baskets.

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They shot at him many times and his arm got wounded. After interrogating and beating all of the Dtaw Gone villagers and 16 villagers from nearby Zee Byu Gone who happened to be there, they selected three men whom they knew had had past contact with the KNU: If they can find people who have had contact with the KNU at any time in their past, they kill them. Some villagers move to the DKBA area for a while. The forced relocation in April of Baw Bpee Der, Myau Oo and Aung Chan Tha villages, none of which had been relocated before, to a new relocation site on the outskirts of Mone town seems to indicate that the immediate future will probably bring even more forced relocations.


Each time 70, 75, or up to people [from his village] had to go.

They demand them whenever they want them. They captured them in the church, took them to the jungle and killed them. When there are military operations it is worse. We had to go for 2 or 3 days and then we had to go for sentry duty [for the SPDC]. They finally threw the heads away when they were decomposing.

If there are three posts near your village for sentry duty, 9 villagers must go with 3 at each post. According to villagers and KNLA sources, the Guerrilla Retaliation force was created by his direct karn and remains under his control. They demand alcohol, bags and clothing. They live there with faces of stone and eat whatever they want to. That is one of the problems. Thus, our village has to pay Kyats every three days. All novies expense and labour that went into that house came from the villagers.

When Naw O heard this she fled her village and went to Toungoo. We started the work in early March [] and dug for the whole month. They never look at kaern faces of the people they are staying with because they are afraid the villagers may be able to karem them. They shot and killed 3 villagers, and 3 more were injured but managed to flee and escape. As a result Naw M is afraid to stay in her village anymore. In order to make it impossible for the villagers to survive or to support the resistance, the SPDC columns are also systematically trying to destroy their food supplies.

They came up from Mu Theh. At the time he left, her mother was 7 months pregnant with her. People there [at Moviees Myo Aung] are not healthy. She put her baby daughter down and ran to safety with her other children. Cash taxes are also demanded from the elders of such villages. They said that they were the backbone of the KNU. People from both the east and the west had to come and work on it. Sometimes we have to give 50 [Kyats] and sometimes we have to give [Kyats].


The baby later died. We were kare for them so we moved away from our village.

The Operations Commander is under them because they are directly controlled by Khin Nyunt. They then mofies a landmine in front of her field hut, which killed her brother when he came to look for her the next day.

These fees are given mi names such as porter fees, sentry fees, pagoda fees, road fees, and development fees, but the names are simply invented by the officers as an excuse to extort money. After building it up with dirt they said we had to carry in sand and lay it down nicely.

They also said that if the KNLA shoots and kills one of them, they will burn down the village closest to where it happened and kill everyone in the village. Recent testimonies from villagers fleeing Tantabin township in southern Toungoo District indicate that they have now expanded their operations northward into this area, and they are also going west of the Sittaung River to look for people to target.

While one performer was dancing and singing, people were going up to give her presents. They opened fire on the villagers, killing Saw San Myint, who was in his early twenties. They did that twice. They also sometimes work together with the SPDC troops on operations. He suffered a cut on his head, his right hand was broken and he fell unconscious. When they arrest many people they can get a lot of money [from the other villagers, to secure their freedom].

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In this region many villages movkes both a Karen and a Burmese name, and where necessary this is clarified in the text. The paddy storage barns contained about baskets of rice each.

People who cannot pay the fees are threatened with arrest, beatings and forced labour as porters, so people sell their belongings in order to pay the fees. Whether our fields yield or not we must give them what they karwn. His preference for civilian over military transport may be for his own safety; he is a KNLA target, so he may feel that he is safer travelling covertly with civilians.

One term of being village head lasts one month.

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