Karadayi is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapim. Karadayi is a tale of love, drama and action, featuring Kenan Imirzalioglu the biggest star of Turkey as Mahir and the beautiful Berguzar Korel as Feride. Oops, your web browser will be unsupported soon. Mahir expects his imprisonment for pretending to be Salih Ipek. When Mahir goes to see his mother as Salih Ipek, she recognizes him. Turgut instructs Necdet to murder Nazif Kara in the prison.

Ibrahim shoots Mahir in front of Feride’s hotel. Mahir, goes over the truth regarding Emin with Feride. The real murderer Turgut while investigating Nazif meets Ayten. However, Turgut’s ruthless plan to ruin the family involves little Nazif, the grandson. To take what he wants and Mahir enters to Chief Prosecutor’s office where he finds a bloody fingerprint. Feride doesn’t affect from what Mahir has uncovered and decides to do some investigating herself, for this she visits the prison. In an attempt to find Nazif, Orhan gets shot.

Karadayi – Episode 80 – 3rd April

However, the truth that he learns from his father has shaken him up. Nazif meets with Ayten and he decides to engage Mahir and Ayten in their next meeting. Feride and Mahir decide to keep the files that they discovered a secret from everyone, and spend evenings together going over the files, which bring them closer. Ayten’s world falls apart when she sees Mahir and Feride hand in hand.

Feride realizes that Mahir has lied to her, and consults with Turgut. His fears though are that his, Turgut and Cetin’s shady business might be exposed. Mahir, in unexpected move, forms an alliance with Yasin, because he knows that the reason for removal Feride from the case is his fault. Turgut, who is now certain that Mahir is there on a secret mission, is looking for ways of ridding himself of Mahir.

Home Dramas urdu one Karadayi. When Mahir goes to see his mother as Salih Ipek, she recognizes him. At the same time Turgut wants to heal Feride’s wounds. Feride doesn’t want to listen to Mahir. Mahir is pressed more and more with Feride’s request. When Serra is sure that Turgut is in love with Feride, she goes to talk to Feride.


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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your epissode movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! At first, Mahir is certain that this is all a misunderstanding, however after a short time passes he is now certain that this is a setup.

Internet Explorer By Microsoft. Feride is keen on giving him the maximum punishment and enforces his warrant first thing early in the morning. Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case. Mahir awakes from his coma and appears in court to testify at his father’s trial. Mahir escapes from the hands of Berdan the snake. Sign In Sign Up. Add Image S1, Ep Mahir is thinking that with the discovery of wpisode fingerprint his father will be released, but is faced with another obstacle.

On the top of all this, sergeant Yasin takes in custody Mahir and spends the night in prison. Mahir follows Feride home and proposes a second time to her. On Nazif’s trial day, Geveze Kaardayi, one of the key witnesses to the trial, is shot in front of the court before being able to testify. Mahir and Feride feeling dizzy from their sweet kiss, they don’t know how behave to each other.

Mahir and Feride are surprised when they hear of the death of Sis Kazim, and they continue with their investigation. All evidence that might prove his father’s innocence are destroyed and Mahir sees no other way than to testify at his father’s trial with surprising outcome.

Karadayi Karadayi is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapim. Both make moves to win Feride. Mahir can not rest until he seeks justice for his father, who was wrongly accused of a murder. Everybody shocked that Melih’s interview with Nazif has been changed and published.


Karadayi – Episode – 80Full – Urdu1 Drama -3 April – video dailymotion

Mahir finds his nephew. Find the latest versions of supported browsers below.

Necdet and Berdan the Snake, take a plan against Mahir and they succeed it. Turgut has treacherous plans in mind using this beautiful girl. Turgut is using all of his connections in order to get Nazif sign a confession. Mahir cannot explain his epjsode from Feride’s father’s birthday dinner. She learns some things that surprising her.


Ayten cannot face life any longer and attempts to kill herself. To take what he wants and Mahir enters to Chief Prosecutor’s office where he finds a bloody fingerprint. Kader Altun’s testimony at court seems ambiguous. He’s determined to take back the money even if he puts his life in danger. A surprise witness leaves everybody in shock. He states that his family is in danger when staying too close to the Kara eppisode. Yasin and Mahir are playing a game.

Turgut has been successful in turning actions for his benefit and even convinces Feride to sign Nazif’s detention. Mahir learns of how Yasin got hold the first testimony of Serra and agrees to help him in his undercover mission while Mehmet Saim and Turgut push forward their ruthless plan to murder Salih Ipek with karadayo help of Necdet when he surprisingly comes face to face with Mahir on this mission.

Turgut’s research has brought up yet another witness to the trial.

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