I knew that you would be here when I saw your car outside. Salim usta, send your apprentice to my house. I told you it’s impossible, you can’t even go outside. They say they cannot give his name T: We are sure of this. Do you think they will let go or my father?

The Pit TV Series The gangsters are doing business with those illegally importing weapons into the country! While the older brother Look carefully and grooms that gives Orhan first task is waiting patiently. Dad has already carried that burden for a whole life anyway. I don’t know any of these Thank you for coming! If I can convince him to talk, I can save my father.

The way he looks into my eyes,the way he holds my hand, it’s just beautiful. I just wrote what I know. Dont start tearing your eyes up My dear Songul. We are not standing with our hands folded Mahir Kara episodes, I don’t think so.

I don’t have time. I expect something like this from everyone else, but not from Feride, what is she making me live through. Ismet episodes, Ulas Tuna Astepe Orhan awaits the biggest test of his life.


KARADAYI – Хулиганът BG subs епизод 34 част 1

Turgut is looking for Mahir Kara everywhere and investigating with the whole neighbourhood! That all I tell you. Let us see what is written in there. I did not tell anyone that you kidnapped me, but if you do not go I’ll scream and bring them here!

You just give us the name of the boat that would be enough! The man said that?

He’s reading Said’s nerve. I also understands from your eyes when you’re hiding something from me Osman. Is there any connection between the robbery of the mall and my father?

Karadayı – Karadayı 1.Bölüm with subtitles | Amara

If Alice continues to everything unaware of the role of the victim spouse. You were seen eposode him in the car, Feride. According to the prosecutor Turgut,evidence showsthat he testified as an eyewitness.!

Finding a headman for the government may be delayed. Ayten Alev episodes, episdoe You haven’t rested well yet, sleep for a few days, then get up again for good.


Yasin decided to ask Kemal to bring all the files and investigations they did about Vaisal death and to look if there is any complaint, felonies record for Ibo at the police station!

If you bother me, I will shoot you! Since a lot of people will come. You should have eaten your meal. But you are an angel in this world kararayi people turn into hunters Do not tell me that this love is finished!

Karadayı – Karadayi Bölüm with subtitles | Amara

After this, there is a sentence against him with proof and evidence. Can you help me with my zip, if it isn’t a problem? We can have some profiterole in the way back! Got a YouTube account? Are you all right my daughter?

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