Water spinach should be sheltered from strong winds. Spoilers are to be expected in the reviews. The most important insect pests are leaf beetle, aphids, and wire worm. These new shoots can be harvested in weeks, depending on plant vigour and temperature. It is used extensively in Burmese, Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Malay, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Chinese cuisine, especially in rural or kampung village areas. The most suitable soil pH ranges from 5. The Chinese consider the white-stemmed forms better flavoured and tenderer than the green.

Department of Agriculture, Agmedia, Melbourne. Published and Authorised by: Ipomoea aquatica is most commonly grown in East, South and Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese version seems to favour fish sauce for seasoning, while the Indonesian and Malaysian version seems to favour shrimp paste. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: To ensure earliness, growers in China sometimes lift roots at the end of the season, store them carefully in winter, and plant shoots from them in spring. The most important insect pests are leaf beetle, aphids, and wire worm.

The stir-fried water spinach might vary according to its seasonings.

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The stir-frying lightly caramelizes the vegetables. In moist soil culture, the crop kagkong grown on raised beds cm wide. Spoilers are to be expected in the reviews. Ask me a question! The seasoning sauce is added according to each preference and recipe. Retrieved 10 July This can be grown in beds, provided there is always plenty of moisture.


Viewer Discretion is Ours This is a blog focusing on but certainly not limited to Philippine cinema and visual culture. Archived copy as kangong CS1 maint: After bunching, a fine spray of cold water should be applied, and the leaves kept in a cool place away from the wind. The vegetable is also commonly eaten alone.

The vegetable is also extremely popular in Taiwanwhere it grows well.

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Overwatering can leached out readily available nutrients and will affect yield. This plant is known in English as water spinachriver spinachwater morning glorywater convolvulusor by the more ambiguous names Chinese spinachChinese WatercressChinese convolvulusswamp cabbage or kangkong in Southeast Asia. Regular applications of an organic liquid fertiliser should occur every 2 weeks or so for best results. For aquatic culture, cuttings from the broadleaved cultivars are transplanted into puddled soil, similar to the planting of rice in paddies.

Highest yields are obtained by spacing plants at 15×15 cm.

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Please call to clarify any specific information. Transplanting should take place when plants are cm high, with four true leaves.

Tumis kangkung served in Makassar. Because no evidence indicates the plant has escaped into the wild, Texas lifted its kaangkong on cultivation for personal use with no restrictions or requirements, noting its importance as a vegetable in many cultures, and also began permitting cultivation for commercial sales with the requirement of an exotic species permit. Coarse stems and leaves are often used for animal fodder.


Gothamba roti Kottu Pol roti Uraippu roti. Department of Agriculture, Agmedia, Melbourne. Water spinach requires fertile soils rich in organic matter. Click here to sign up! In Penang and Ipohit is cooked with cuttlefish and a sweet and spicy sauce. It prefers full sun but where summer temperatures are very high, it is sometimes grown as a ground cover beneath climbing plants.

Removal of the main shoot stimulates horizontal shoot growth. In West Java, the Chinese Indonesian version however, favours the use of tauco fermented soybeans paste as seasoning. It tolerates very high rainfall, but not frost.

In the aquatic type, the first harvest summar be made after about a month of good growth. In Thailandwhere it is called phak bung Thai: Uses Practically all parts of the young plant are edible, although the shoot tips and younger leaves are preferred. Views Read Edit View history. These new shoots can be harvested in weeks, depending on plant vigour and temperature.

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