The action will be blazing hot next week as we find out some facts about Ryuga Banjo while he explodes into his fiery new evolution, Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma! Sento, which will boost his fighting powers! What a Best Match! Plus Sento gives him a new equipment that will boost the power of his base form! In this episode, Kairi finally activates the newest Lupin Collection’s hidden functions! Newer Posts Older Posts Home. This weekend on the 31st episode of Kamen Rider Build , Banjo’s secret will be revealed and for the sake of his friends, he will evolve into his fiery new form! Are you ready for another exciting Kamen Rider and Super Sentai live event?

In this special vlog, I’d like to show everyone a flower that has been very much associated with Japanese culture for many years. Experience Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger , the Super Sentai series that started the Power Rangers franchise, in a whole dimension as it was announced that iwill be added to VRV ‘s streaming library! Figuarts , toy 0 comments. And Kairi gets a new power-up as well! DVD , News , Shout! Enjoy the video after the break then send us your thoughts about it after watching!

Are you ready for another exciting Kamen Rider and Super Sentai live event? Check-out the official images for the item that gave Banjo the power to kick Evolt’s sorry butt once again!

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 9 English Subbed – The Great “Inves Monster Capturing” Operation!

Then there was the G3 jrfusion. An episode summary for the 33rd episode of Kamen Rider Build which will air on April 29th has revealed that the Evol DriverKamen Rider Evol ‘s transformation belt will finally make its TV appearance.


Kamen Rider Geiz Revive! Official images for the S. With the international popularity of the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, a Hollywood adaptation may now be on the way. DVDNewsShout!

Kamen rider gaim episode 43

Prepare yourselves Voltron fans as Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing the first and second second of Voltron: Kamen Rider Genm is back but is now demoted to a king! Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Tsuburaya’s official online shop announces collaboration with clothing company 24 Karats to release clothes featuring Ultraman Zero! In today’s episode of cops and robbers, Lupinred acquires a new addition to their loot, the Scissors and Blade Dial Fighters after protecting a jewelry designer from the Ganglers!

It is time that we finally learn about our bhoi’s origin in the next upcoming 32nd episode of Kamen Rider Build! Kairi and Keiichiro, best friends forever, continue to work on their friendship in this weeks episode of Lupinranger vs Patranger! Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

Premium Bandai’s official website has posted the official images for the S. But what if that dream is not as easy as we think it is? BuildKamen RiderNewsTokusatsu 3 comments. FactorySuper SentaiTimeranger 1 comments.

Kamen Rider ZI-O’s first episode is now online! KRCF website and character images now up, dead err i mean deleted people coming back, a new Garo trailer, some info regarding that red armored troll from Build and more Royal Mega Master news!

Kamen Rider Build episode 30 clips now up for your viewing pleasure! He is Thanos, warlord, conqueror and the mad Titan!


The official morph call for the newest ranger team’s transformation sequence has been revealed thanks to this leaked on-the-set clip from the Power Rangers Now instagram page! HeadlineKamen RiderNewsToei 29 comments. The heavy hitters of Destra and Zamigo come out to play and make their presence felt in this weeks episode! Here are the official images for rw S. We epizode know that some fans have dreamed of being a tokusatsu star to be honest, including yours truly someday.

It was announced that everybody’s favorite spunky group of girls who suit up as our favorite Kamen Riders will be celebrating their 7th anniversary this month! Wholesale Stuffed Toys on DHgate.

Kamen rider gaim episode 43 – Kakaku Files

Next week Kairi and Zamigo face off rjder again! And he has arrive to destroy the universe using the Infinity Gauntlet! So you wanna be a movie star, eh? Plus, brand new lupin collection pieces make an impact and much more!!

Watch the video to see how powerful they are! Kamen Rider Build Episode 38 Preview. Introducing The Large Rder Series: Here are the top news for today: We discuss the brutal battle between Noel and Destra, along with the Patrangers partnership with Noel! The moment that every fans of this series has been waiting for arrives!

Watch this gameplay to see who they are!

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