The women fetch the necessary and each assists the other to lift the full pot upon her head, such being the usual way of carrying it home. When in consequence of good news spittle is thrown upon the surface of the water, the ” aka ” will snatch it up. This message refers to the Fula practice of mashing dumplings in milk and then drinking it: The Wolofs, formerly called joloffs,! Zimmerman denies the existence of cireumcision, viriusqiie texus, such as prevails throughout Islam — Egypt, for instance. Dede is a fool, but she says it is Kokon.

Since thou hast no benefactor in this world, the having one in the next will be all the more pleasant. It is popularly said in Senegal that no one will ever speak Wolof like M. Irawo san can san alommo lehin bi osupa. Voni ake-feo Taki, le ano-fee Ba. Proverbs and fables or tales, which already exist by hundreds and even thousands, are also continually pro- duced by young and old. All these are gold-producing lands, and when the pre- sent inexplicable state of apathy and degradation shall have passed away, they and their language will become of importanfce.

Abrokirri, “Europe,” is, however, explained by Mr. By im- plication, it denotes a committee, a consultation of several persons forming a particular party, who have retired from a greater assembly novie converse apart. If a thief say he knows how to steal, let him steal a cannon.


Aki Ida owe le ohim ti ako le igbe. R — A popular proverb in Asia as well as in Africa. The house of the land-tortoise is not large enough for itself; the verandah i. Adaba kekelnke ko fi qja ti ko na teiL There is no markefe in which the dove with the promi- nent breut has not traded.

Wit and Wisdom From West Africa

One here, two there, so the market is filled up. Bird-lime is the death of a bird. If a boy does not understand bartering, he does not at least lose the gold-weights. The whale is truly very big, but the sea-porcupine the sword-fish? TV ben thou pressest a friend of thine, thy friend also presseth thee.

Thej are often witty and satirical; but we are still too little acquainted with this part of the language to have a sure footing as to metre, time, ellipses, and other points.

Eunuchs, of whom there were six in the palace of the King of Yoruba: We wake and find i. One must talk little, and listen much.

The pounding of Iyan is not like the pounding of Elubo: The ezectttioner never lets the Bword be passed across ys own neck. The Hindu saying is, ” Mofie Adam of this place is a strange being. West Afrieaiu are astute in pnctifling, regardless of truth, the rule hid down in this proverb, Tiz.

A person does not sit or exist whilst they take a tree to witness.


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The hymns and spiritual pieces, translated by Gatechists, bear the impress of want of power. R — The Okplom and the Ohwam are both animals. A strong man who is destitute of forethought is the father of laziness. Koelle proceeds to a deduction, in which he would compel all to agree with him, yiruba merely substituting the word ” Negroid bgagbe for ” Negro.

Obi mfa ade koko, ensisi baifo. If people would eat Koko raw, they -would eat it so be- hind the bush i. The proverb has the same meaning as No.

He often halloas as if to call people, but he never carries them away as the water-demon does. Esn ko ni iwa ako ille re si ita.

Wo ni wo agya akoa tya abe-a, ofre wo ave. Ke oke wo nkpla able le, ehie sooo.

Wit and Wisdom From West Africa – Wikisource, the free online library

Linia yermanem bagoro, yermanemma ngalgo. Yiruba chameleon says, ” Speed is good, and slowness is good. The cat says “stretching i. The above saying, ” To carry.

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