Vishwaveer unknown episodes. They feel sad when everybody found dead. Pavitra gets married to Krishna in full tradition. Thakurayan succeeds in her plans and the Thakur gets arrested. Heera unknown episodes Varun Sharma Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! He want to have sex with Naina. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Krishna unknown episodes. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. He fixes Yug and Kali’s alliance to which Yug’s mother Leelavita “Leela” Choudhary agrees only because of a hidden motto and she doesn’t want Kali to be her daughter in law. Nandu becomes shy and later, Nandu marries Kali and then takes her to the hospital where he gets to know that Kali is in coma. Instead, she puts the poison in the safety pin and hooks it on Kali’s doli. In order to make sure that Kaali and Yug stay apart Gauri plans to have Kali thrown out of the house which is eventually carried out by Yug himself, as he does so Vishwa then takes Kaali to the top of a cliff and reveals her pregnancy to her just as he is about to push her off. Vishwaveer’s first wife, Manjiri Jha Dalljiet Kaur , who doesn’t have children, adores Kaali and brings her up as her own daughter.

Kaala Teeka

Gauri then plans to make Kali seem dead by injecting some type of medicine on her but that plan fails when her injection breaks. Meanwhile, the Mahant arrives with the villagers and The Thakurayan to expose Thakur Dev in front of the villagers.

Gauri episodes, Raj Purohit later finds out that only Kali and Nandu can kill Devri. But the opposite happens.

Kaaala Teeka: Kaala Teeka Star Cast (with pic and real names )

Kali and Manjiri get suspicious about Devri and ask a priest at an ashram and Raj Purohit, as he has no other option. Naina gets kidnapped again but Kali and Manjiri finds her. Devri also decides to kill Kali because she is an obstacle that he cyaracters to overcome to kill Naina.


The 45th time Barki was chosen for the “Ganga Darpan” and Naina wanted to stop this and she succeeds, but Thakur Dev Sinha accused Mahant and he was sent to jail instead of both of them. However, Kaali survives, and relates the incident to Manjiri, who decides to make Kalyani pay.

Nandu becomes shy and later, Nandu marries Kali and then takes her to charactees hospital where he gets to know that Kali is in coma.

The nurses discuss that Kali has lost her child. However Yug does not believe Gauri and sends her out of the house.

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Gauri drinks poison but she is saved and Vishwa realises that it was not Kali being kaala teeka that worked for Gauri but her prayers were the ones which truly worked. Meanwhile, Kali doesn’t die and is saved by a mentally challenged man named Nandu Singh Mayank Gandhi.

Manjiri later finds Kali at a temple and Kali reveals that she was once pregnant with Yug’s child and Kaal threw her off the cliff for the sake of Gauri. Yug later snatched Naina from Kali saying that she is no longer her mother. Discovering that Ad is a threat, Yug bans Devri from coming into the house while Devri plot to kill Naina is underway. Yug is now turned as a puppet for Vishwaveer. Later with the help of the astrologer, Gauri makes it look like Kali has the evil spirit inside her and Leela decides to sacrifice Kali.

Amd is actually Kaali’s childhood Ramji. Vishwaveer, while searching for a suitable groom for Gauri, comes across Yug and resolves to get her married to him. Kali decides to kill Devri. Naina regains consciousness, and they both go home.


Naina losts her memory. Krishna is now the Thakur of the village and Pavitra, the thakurayan. Audible Download Audio Books. Thakur unknown episodes Mona Ambegaonkar They returned in Thakur Dev’s life to make him pay for his sins, but they didn’t succeed in their plans. In Bhimpur, she stays at a girl’s house called Barki, which she helped during a bus accident.

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Kalyani is arrested and Manjiri goes back to Vishwa and demands Kali and Yug’s alliance. Vishwaveer discovers that an abandoned baby girl is able to protect Gauri from a familial curse, and he adopts her, naming her Kaali and making her Gauri’s “kaala teeka”.

After Vishwa’s funeral, Yug asks Kali for forgiveness but Kali rejects saying that she is not a doll to play with. They also discovers Devri’s true intentions to kill the baby Naina to gain evil powers.

Yug meets with an accident and Naina and Yug are hospitalized. However, Thakur Dev tried to kill Naina and Krishna, but couldn’t succeed.

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Manjiri and Kali get kidnapped by Kalyani, but Yug saves them. Naina saves Barki and they got back to the village. Thakur unknown episodes. Manjiri comes to Yug’s house and discovers that there is a pooja going on and asks for Kali, who is locked in a room.

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