To obtain the despair he needs to teach Rio to channel his hatred as power, Kata sends up his two bodyguards, the two Flying-Ken, to be his eyes while providing him more Rinki. Knowing where he was running to, Xia Fu decides to reason with Jyan for the team’s sake by taking him to an important place to help him understand Dan. Gou chases after Restu, witnessing his fight against Hihi as Super Geki Blue, who realizes the error of his ways in preventing Retu from his true calling in seeing his fighting style. However, to perform the Geki Waza Fierce-Fierce Cannon, it must be charged within two minutes, leaving the Gekirangers open to attack. To remedy the anxiety, Xia Fu has Jyan undergo another training session by learning from Ran. Knocking out Gou, Ken arrives to where Mere is holding his sister hostage, offering that they finish their fight to settle this.

The Shocking Truth” Transcription: Though he easily defeated SaiDaiOh after enlarging himself, Mere manages to snap Rio out of it to Long’s dismay, returning to normal. However, Jyan overpowers the Hermit Crab-Ken user and forces him out of his body, revealing that Sharkie’s training allowed him to overcome the Ringi. Crucial Fist Judgement [ edit ] 48 “Saba-Saba! Retu attempts to use his Technique, but Biao counters easily. Merry Christmas, Osu” Transcription:

First, Jyan and Gorie Yen compete in a challenge of the “Heart” where the first to stack yen coins on their edges wins. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 23 0. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 24 0. The two giants defeat each other, with the resulting blast sending both Gou and Bae flying to the same location. Upon this revelation, a Kenma speaks to her, complimenting her about this, as well as informing Mere fekiranger her final resting place.

Another Retu [ edit ]. Forget the Technique [ edit ] 14 “Netsu-Netsu! During the fight, the Rinsi returns wearing Butoka armor, succeeding in stealing the gem.


Iza Ken-Dan ” Japanese: To revive the Kenma and become stronger. Shinichi learns the meaning of Muni-Muni, as Ken saves him and Jyan from certain doom. Meanwhile, Xia Fu takes the Gekirangers to the ballet much to the dismay of Jyan who falls asleep in boredom and Ran and to the delight of Retu. After remembering her first meeting with Rio, Mere is encountered by Elisode, who reveals his plans to assassinate Rio and offers her to join him.

When Ran attempts the same challenge, she falls on her first try, but Retu’s advice to mentally draw a picture in her mind allows her to ties with Michelle on the second try. Enraged, Kademu fights the Gekirangers in full fury and was destroyed by Geki Tohja.

Meanwhile, reporting his minions’ success, Long advises Rio that his rivalry with Jyan is pointless, only to be knocked down for overestminating Jyan. The three Kenma then teach the Gekirangers to master their fighting styles and ultimate technique.

While wandering through the city, Jyan finds Natsume at eplsode bathhouse looking at the carp windsocks. Xia Fu sends the trio to train at the bathhouse, where they re-encounter Elehung and Gen-san who is revealed to be a master ssntai “towel-style. While the Gekirangers were outmatched by Mere testing her newfound powers on them, Shiyuu took advantage to get revenge on Retu. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 3 0. Ken took Retu with him, revealing that he actually sold it as they arrive to Chinatown.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 41 English Subbed – Zushi-Zushi! No More

But the two can find their Pulse, so Ran has to care for them as their mother until then. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 46 0. Although Jyan is staying with the team with a “wasshiwasshi” feeling, Xia Fu is worried about the golden scale he found in the ruins. Steam Locomotives in Super Sentai Series.


Though Ken now on the team, it turned out that he lost SoZyuTo and gkiranger to find it. Though hit by Shiyuu’s Gengi, Retu is not physically harmed.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 42

We open to the three Gekirangers gekirangrr through the forest to deliver a package to an old friend of Xia Fu’s. Those won’t be the regular thing, but I won’t hesitate to share some if I’ll fell that way. Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 28 0.

Retrieved from ” https: The last competition is one of “Body” between Bion Biao fpisode Retu, where they must grapple to take a bandana off of the other’s arm.

Showdown with Rio” Transcription: With Jyan’s Gekiranger suit burned off, Rio states to Xia Fu that it is his choice to be stronger that is his reason to fight.

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Gou chases after Restu, witnessing his fight against Hihi as Super Geki Blue, who realizes the error epsode his ways in preventing Retu from his true calling in seeing his fighting style. Though Gyuuya had the upper hand in their first encounter, Jyan defeated him with “Cleaning Power” he obtained from his training. But by nightfall, Sanyo emerges with intent to get them for this before he suddenly starts to feel sick.

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