A complete new forum has been setup, please use this URL to go to the forum: What is Haibane and what is their purpose? Keeping tab of my daily manga intake. Split and merge into it. I also venture into taiwanese and korean mangakas so this is in no way limited to japanese authors only. The manga is by no where near complete. Wednesday, September 10, Junjou Romantica.

However, I intend to approach all of this very analytically – an occupational hazard surely – with a few squeals over hot bishounen once in a while of course. Tail of the Moon – ninja healer girl who wants to marry the head of another ninja clan but meets with many problems. Keeping tab of my daily manga intake. It’s pretty good, if you like it. Here’s a centerspread in the summer issue of Newtype Romance magazine featuring Usagi sensei and Mizuki. They hasent released season 2 yet. My reviews are not limited to manga but extends to anime, live action dramas as well as any anime that I find to have lots of bishounen. I promise that Pisoga will be back and be better than the old days.

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I believe it is on Epizode, or you can purchase it on iTunes or from a store. I will also try to review shops in Veog that offer BL content. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 25 of Just like the age old debate about how actresses can go full frontal nudity in movies but not men, this is really the answer to that.

But my interests are a lot more diverse than that of course. Looking at the ending, I’m also weary that there may not be a season 3.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, December 19, My favourite Junjou Couple. Memories of that past is great and we should not forget those happy days. But be careful, it will give you virus.

If you find this offensive, please leave now.

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In fact, volume 11 is already out in japan – im just waiting for the chinese version to come out. I haven’t found much time to write reviews lately. Split and merge into it. After that, we will figure out new staff positions.

Then in the Junjo Terrorist pairing, there’s this boy Shinobu who tells Miyagi Hiroki’s colleague and Shinobu’s ex-brother-in-law that it’s destiny for them to be together.

Please PM me in the forum and we can discuss in details. A complete new forum has been setup, please use this URL to go to the forum: If you happen to come across this message and would like to lend a hand.

In fact, I am a member of several wonderful yaoi communities online. All once-dedicated members are now gone and there are hardly new members come in.

Just so I know I don’t read the same titles again, here’s what I have been reading: If you are familiar with pisoga. Rakka becomes the newest Haibane, after she awakens from a strange dream and finds herself hatching from a massive cocoon. It also covers issues about internet friendship which i can totally relate. Dragon Destiny Iriya no Sora Iria: Meanwhile, just something to whet the appetite.

There were some major issues happened to my life during that time and please allow me to keep them to myself. Sorry for the grainy image.


But not forgetting the cute guys of course! I have to keep checking for these updates: In a long-forgotten walled town, humans coexist with the Haibane, angelic-like beings of unknown origin.

If you don’t mind, I would like to set you as one of administrators in the new forum.

Please post a comment that you can watch the videos or not so i can know and fix it or make it easier. You can find the boox at the Tokyo Pop veph at www. What is the name of the fpisode song to Junjo Romantica? Can’t wait for the J Terrorist continuation! Misaki is a normal highschool graduate who is t … rying to get into a college What is Haibane and what is their purpose? Where can you watch Junjo Romantica Season 2? Most of it followed volume 10 of the manga but in the manga, there was no meeting with the father at the end.

What more, I do hope that this would be a resource for those in Singapore. Where can you watch the Wallflower season 2? Is there going to be a Junjou romantica season 3? Understandably, the full responsibility lies in myself.

Nakamura Shungiku is both the author and the artist. It will all be clearly jujnou in the categories. I think that Junjou Terrorist might be equally hot but unfortunately they haven’t been developed much, even in the manga!

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