Will they finally meet? Shalini is from a lower middle class family who works as a school teacher and Abhay is a TV journalist , Abhay makes a false news against her and makes her lose her job, he realizes the mistake and helps her in regaining the job, during this process they become friends and Abhay falls for her simplicity and straight forwardness he falls in love with her Shalini says she has always seen him as only a good friend and says she has no special feelings for him. Next day they travel back home. Shalini tells Abhay that, she tries however hard he still appears like a small boy and she is not able to consider him as her husband. Abhay agrees to her and tells her the, he wants stay close to her like this. Write a Review on Jothe Jotheyalli. More Videos of Jothe Jotheyalli.

He then leaves the place. Shanthi asks his son Abhay to be very careful in the sea and have food time to time, during the trip. Continuing this, Abhay asks her not to be possessive and consider, Shalini as her daughter. The next Abhay’s father finds Shalini praying and he decides give her a surprise. But, Abhay asks her to think positively and see the sun as a person who is tired of whole day’s work, and is going to his house for a rest. Ranjit discusses with his father about the starting of a new political party. Stay tuned for moreThis is the story of 31 year old Shalini and 26 year old Abhay.

The next Abhay’s father finds Shalini praying and he decides give her a surprise. By this, Shanthi feels discomfort and asks Shalini to go inside the house. She ask him to plan jotheyxli trip for Kerala’s Ambalpuza and visit a Krishna Temple. She stops surfing the channels to see a news item. When asked, Abhay’s mother, Shanthi lies to her friends that Shalini is not at home.


Meantime, Abhay starts to soak himself in water and starts the ritual of rolling around the temple.

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Shalini’s parents gift a saree and a ‘Panchche’ to Shalini and Abhay. The story revolves around Shalini, a school teacher, and Abhay, a journalist. Seeing this, Shalini gets shocked. Abhay’s grandfather tries to pacify her by saying he went for honeymoon, not war.

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Click here to login. Abhay then asks about her imagination of a life partner. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

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At home, Shanthi was angry and upset with Abhay for not making the phone call during their trip. Shalini agrees with her, but Abhay tells that, it is not good for health to drink coffee with thick milk. She keeps telling that, 8 years back she had man in her life, and she got pregnant without marrying him. She talks to herself and apologizes him for not being able to a wife for him, and by his goodness and sacrifice she is feeling small day by day.

While going, he shocked to notice Shalini who is sweeping near entrance of the temple.

She says, she was a normal girl and didn’t had any big dreams except that she wanted to do a PHD. She also explains him that it is not socially acceptable as he is 5 years younger than her.

Abhay agrees to her and tells her the, he wants stay close to her like this. Shalini’s mother apologizes for the things happened and promises jotheyalj that it will not be repeated.


Abhay then continues by telling that she was engaged with her cousin, but he ditched her for a Christian girl. This makes her further angry, and she throws the sari to the floor, which makes everyone shocked. Looking at Shalini, Shanthi’s friends tell her that her daughter-in-law looks old and how Abhay did get married to an aged girl.

She tells that she is not worth for his love and she is not a virgin. Stay tuned for moreThis is the story of 31 year old Shalini and 26 year jotheyapi Abhay. Shalini refuses go to the movie with Abhay. She says that her mother had decided to send Shalini to this temple after her marriage. Looking at him, Jahnavi starts laughing.

This irritates Shanthi further. Shalini asks him to light some camphor for the Jtoheyali, but he insists that he will do a rolling namaskara around the temple premises. Abhay consoles her that it joteyali just made of sand on a sea shore, how can it be a permanent one.

Both goes to Sri Krishna temple and while walking, Abhay asks about her past dreams. Shalini too listens this.

Write a Review on Jothe Jotheyalli. He further tells that he can’t live without her. Even Shanthi too insists her to go with him. Parvathi tells Shalini that they epiisode not afford to gift her a much costly saree than this and apologizes to her.

I felt this episode very much ambiguous. She continues her blaming and asks Shalini’s mother to send back Abhay and Shalini by evening.

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