A philosopher in spirit who was shackled by his sense of order. Moku Brush , a structural brush script. In Peter was commissioned to design a wordmark for the documentary Harbour of Hope. With Robert de Niet, [T] co-designer of 9 mm. If anything, Aicher was a formalist in turmoil. Clair ornamental , Zither calligraphic script.

He attended the University of Baghdad, and holds a Bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University and a masters degree in library and information science from Pratt Institute, both in New York. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based designer of the Arabic typeface Munhana Indonesian designer of the outlined hand-crafted typeface Rev Typefaces include Alef Caps , done with Pascal Zoghbi. World as Design , Ernst und Sohn, Berlin. Recife, Brazil-based creator of the pixelish typeface Gordina In , he designed Marcel , an angular upright script typeface that was inspired by Jacno by French type designer Marcel Jacno. She intends to relocate to Hamburg, Germany on completion of her Ph.

Omar Naskh is an amazing Naskh font having full Unicode support for Arabic script till Unicode version 9. Sahar Afshar is a type designer and researcher from Iran. Houston, TX-based designer of the connect-the-dots constellation typeface Oblivion Designer of Abel Cursive Compugraphic, German designer of the phototypeface Black WingsH. Toronto-based creator of Remix Type and Bovine Inhe designed the alchemic or hipster typeface family Geometrica, which comprises Arcane, Orion and Gravity.

Regarding the Economy of Typeface an article explaining Albers’ vision for typographyJosef Albers: Roadgeek Transport Heavy and Transport Medium should approximate the fonts used on British highway signs.

Creator of VintsisFontStruct. Designed with Shoko Mugikura, this is a rounded typeface with classical Roman proportions.

Bologna, of some deconstructivist fonts such as Kill Your Neighborhoodknife dingbats and scanbats of typefacesand the broken jigy font Metal Meltdown A second sample from “Venetian Printing”. Technical image from that book. Creator of a collaborative typeface with Sam Brogan in Tours, France-based designer of the experimental typeface Pli Montblanc a custom sans for the Montblanc company that won the IF Design award draamUsual a neutral sans with large x-height.


Guarenas, Venezuela-based designer of the multiline typeface Typossibilia InThe Northern Block published his first typeface, Rein Grotesk a grotesk with elliptical curvature.

El Cabo Sauceda

He created Swissa Piccolaan old typewriter font. Limited forms of the fonts can be downloaded fpr free from the Dafont site.

Rdama creator of Leafy Font She was also at the Fine Arts School in Toulouse. Creative designer in Mumbai who designed the prismatic op-art Latin typeface Squoilthe Buds typefacea modification of Cooper Blackand the decorative dot matrix typeface Bandhani His layered rounded stencil typeface family Normograph is created for wayfinding applications.

American Purpose is a grotesk family. Ira wrote that he enlarged and systematize the letters from the drawing which was made in time when the seal was in good condition and that he wanted to preserve the freshness of irregularities and that there were several weights in each letter while their height is only optically the same. Eight designers present a set of icons that indicate the fun and fantastic world of signage. The last two are incomplete techno fonts. This is the only digitized typeface by George Abrams [in fact, the digitization is due to Charles Nix, for George Abrams].

Martini Thai Neue Slab This was a school project.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based designer of Anak AnakKiddya clean hand-printed typefaceMontela soft plump typefaceBatik AlinTechnolinPersonality Inhe designed Morganaa daring wedge-serif medieval fortress face, while participating at the tipoRenesansa 3rd international type design workshop in Ljubljana. The typeface allowd many controls such as shape alternates, space adjustments, mark placements, and swashes. December, Kandel a great layered typeface in Regular, Bevel and Inline versionsJingga, Expatriate a compass-and-ruler efatFather vintage signage face, with 3D and Distort styles.

Catamaran is a contemporay sans typeface family for Latin and Tamil. Student at the University of Algarve, Portugal. I actually spent over a year working on the design of Inspira. Inshe designed the calligraphic print typeface Zadig. Sul Mono a typewriter styleGrifito, Grifinito condensed versions of the sharp-edged display typeface GrifoAquino by Rui Abreu and Ricardo Santos; a display calligraphic stencil typeface inspired by a liturgic book made by Portuguese friar Tomas Aquino in Taboo Canada Type is a Latin typeface inspired by lettering from Ltera book.


PARTY – Big JIM and Jimbo Ft Poty & JakeoO – (Prod By JeyP-AWonder)

Blaise Adamczyk aka de Seingalt is the Polish designer b. Typefaces from include Mashqpossibly the first typeface implementation ever of the early Quranic scripts of the Early Mashq, Mashq Kufi, and Mashq Ma’il. And so does Dilbert Fontfreefontfan. Software developer in Bucharest, Romania, who specializes in generative and algorithmic art and design.

Parisian designer of the Bauhaus-inspired Ortakiwith Cyril Barrier. All told, there were many people involved in the refinement of the Inspira font family. You can trust me, for I was the one who established the contact between George and Mr.

He made the Naskh font Musa Albazi Naskh Barcelona-based designer of Kandua thin typeface that was derived from Bell MT in FTY Konkrete is constructivist, and has a beveled weight. Type designer who published these fonts at Photo Lettering: Albers is best remembered for his work as an abstract painter and theorist.

Israeli type designer, b. Courier Prime is optimized for 12 point size, and matches the metrics of Courier and Courier Final Draft, so you can often swap it out one-for-one. Creator of the bold display typeface Pildora Pro

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