Seolah and Sooah where nicknamed the “beagle sisters” by the PD’s of the show because their energy and mischievous is comparable to beagle puppies when they first appeared on the show. All the “Superman” families prominently display or use the LG’s S Homeboy tablet made by Samsung throughout each episode. I hope that we’ll still see Jion sometime, somewhere, in the future How cute is that watermelon swimsuit?! Whenever he is around she becomes shy and silent but also excited when she hears his name or sees his image. February [9] 2. But when Song Il Gook said that he Manse would not see him and his wife again, he stopped immediately.

Minguk loves to sing songs and dance. He’ll spend a fortune on a claw machine just to get an Anpanman toy for her. Retrieved 5 November Every since the triplets visited the Choos in Japan, Manse and Sarang have become best friends, giving her usual best friend Yuto stiff competition. Family and friends of the celebrity dads will occasionally show up in episodes. If I remember correctly, Daehan was diagnosed with short-sightedness and Manse with astigmatism. When he visits grandma’s house he becomes intrigue with her Maltese puppy and tries to grab it. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

SongdoIncheonSouth Korea. Yakkung is a happy sunny boy who loves alphabet songs and dancing to the music. That’s when i start to put him in front of his brothers. I was attracht to Manse first.

Grow up well Jion. Donggook is a forgiving dad who takes the blame for his kids making a mess.

Whenever if meets up with a friend that has children he never shows up empty handed, always making sure each child receives a gift. Ilgan Sports via Naver 1. One of my faves was when he was calling out Manse when SIK’s glasses broke.

The show is filmed with set up cameras and cameraman hiding in tents and playhouses in each of the celebrities’ actual home. We also asked a doctor. Kahi Former Idol Singer.


Four Families Under One Roof

Even though he was born on the same day as his two younger triplet brothers Daehan is the son that Il-kook depends on the most to look after his brothers when he can’t. Seojun who is no match for Seoeon’s strength ends up giving up, running away and crying. Didn’t get his popularity among many fans since eventhough he really is a cutie, to me he as just another cute baby and the others are cuties, too. It reminds me of the episode in which Song Il Gook was teaching them to not follow strangers.

If I remember correctly, Daehan was diagnosed with short-sightedness and Manse with astigmatism. List of The Return of Superman episodes. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Love Manse these days so much, as well. Retrieved Feb 28, By nonski Started October 30, The two are in a volatile relationship. Retrieved 29 July The title of the Chinese version was renamed in order to clear up plagiarism rumors.

Sign In Sign Up. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. I enjoyed seeing their dogs more than how he play with jion LG is the main sponsor of the show. Junu thinks both of his parents love Junseo more because they pay more attention to Junseo and because he is the youngest.

“The Return of Superman” Four Families Under One Roof (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Officially joined cast starting episode The phrase has become a special saying between Hwijae and the triplets. The Return of Superman Hangul: While visiting Japan, Manse could not be apart from Sarang and insisted on holding her hand and sitting next to her.

However, Hyejung admits that she liked Tablo more and chased retirn him in the beginning of their romance. Thank goodness the family of five joined the show. She sees him as her ideal male. When Hwijae brought the twins to a fish market, Soejun showed no fear touching and asking about all the sea creatures at the market.


You’re My Superstar

He has no variety skills but he randomly got in ‘1N2D’ and then ‘Superman’. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also all four of her children along with her husband appeared on episode 52 during Song Il-kook’s segment. The Reutrn boys have showed that they have really big appetites when father and sons downed 8 orders of dumplings which contained 10 oh in each serving during one sitting at a mandu restaurant. On episode 31 Kim Jun-hyun is invited to the twins’ home and gets to meet Seojun.

Kim Jung-tae Actor 1. When Seolah un-bags rice puff all over oc living room he blames himself for not securing the rice puff better.

Sarang tends to lean towards the more mature and sincere Junu since he is good with younger kids, but she also leans on Junseo when he plays nicely with her.

“The Return of Superman” You’re My Superstar (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Heo Su-gyeong previously guest starred with her daughter Byeol on episode 24 during Lee Hwi-jae’s segment. His mispronounced words with the nasal voice was just too cute for me. Hi everyone – first time posting here. The parents will be able to focus more on Ji Ohn’s development.

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